The continued decline of France shows no sign of abating in the new year. With the opening of 2018 finding over a thousand vehicles being lit on fire all across the once proud nation. In modern France it would seem, all the new year represents is a chance to openly give into the worst of impulses. Impulses that among other things, led to multiple separate direct attacks on French Police forces over the holiday period.  

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French Firefighter’s At Work On New Years Eve

As the migrant youth of France continue to grow in number and become emboldened, their fear of police continues to wane in equal proportion. Just yesterday for example, an officer was sent to the hospital after being beaten by two thugs who he had tried to prevent from stealing a scooter. The officer was likely only spared more serious injuries or even death when his partner arrived and fired his gun into the air, causing the two attackers to flee in fear. 

Worse yet though were the events on New Years Eve proper. When roaming gangs of mostly ethnically African migrants took to the streets, actively looking for Police forces to attack. At least one unlucky officer managed to find herself in the middle of such a mob, who then proceeded to knock down the Policewoman and begin repeatedly punching and kicking the officer. Her partner who was nearby, was also attacked and suffered a broken nose himself before he was able to free himself from the violent mob.

Shockingly all of the above events were recorded and put up on social media shortly thereafter. The seeming participants showing no remorse whatsoever for their actions. The footage which you can see here below, shows the female officer being encircled and attacked without pity. It also features the officer’s own Police car being flipped on its back, to the applause of a cheering audience. Sadly despite video footage of the crime itself, no arrests have been made to date for this assault on police forces. 

While today French political leaders have already predictably made speeches condemning the violence, and begun making likely empty promises of reform. The continued lawlessness in the country has been on steady rise over the past few years, and shows no real sign of decline. Things have gotten so bad in fact that the countries own Interior Minister, Gerard Collomb, in response to the events on New Years denounced the countries growing, “society of violence.”

While leading members of the French Government such as President Macron claim the path to fixing the countries ailments, lies merely in improving the lives of those living in the largely Muslim ghetto’s that now exist all across France. A goal Macron himself hopes to achieve with his recently announced “grand social project“, he hopes to implement in 2018. Opposition leaders such as Marine Le Pen have an altogether different solution to the lawlessness on the streets. Demanding the government pass reforms allowing the police far greater powers, including the right to use “legitimate defense” in an effort to better protect themselves against attacks.

Protest Against Anti-Police Violence In Paris

While it remains to be seen if any of these words from various politicians will amount to actual positive results. One thing we can be sure of is that the Police in France will be watching closely in the months to come, as concern continues to rise over the increasing Anti-Police directed violence in the country. One officer even expressed his own thoughts on the matter to a local news site following the incidents on New Years Eve, “We don’t feel safe anymore, so the French people don’t either.”

This sentiment is of little surprise when you consider that these recent incidents are just the latest examples of violence directed at Police forces over the past few years. In late 2016 for example, a Police Cruiser was openly attacked with petrol bombs in a Paris suburb, leaving officers with serious injuries including third degree burns. Attacks such as this even led Police forces in France to hold multiple unauthorized protests across the country over the past few years. All done in an effort to draw attention to the worsening working conditions they are now coping with in the face of rising violence.

Police Stage Unauthorized Protest Over Attacks On Fellow Officers

The question now becomes if French leaders will worry more about the safety of their own police forces, or about how best to continue appearing politically correct and progressive. The growing violent tendencies among France’s expanding migrant population needs to be addressed somehow, and if things keep getting worse Police forces will surely find a way to ensure their voices are heard on this topic one way or another. In fact many officers are already starting to speak out and ask the tough questions. With one local cop recently stating in an interview, “We want to be heard by our hierarchy and by the judiciary. If we become victims ourselves, who will protect the public?” 

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