The Merkelreich strikes again. After recently announcing that there will be “no upper limit” on the amount of foreign nationals received by Germany as refugees, the German government has begun to install squat toilets in public buildings. In a civic center in Cologne, Germany, an eastern-style toilet has been installed in the name of multiculturalism by the Vorstand des Bürgerzentrums auf die Palme (trans. “Board of Directors of the citizens Centre on the Palm”). 

“Such a toilet is more common in Islamic countries”, says Konrad Müller, a member of the Board of Directors. “And we want the people from these Islamic countries to feel at home.” 

Toilets akin to this one will soon become commonplace in Germany if it continues to flirt with multiculturalism.

While multiculturalism is founded on principles against the right of a people group to self-determinate, this instance of blatant anti-European development signifies a step closer to preferring foreign nationals over indigenous European peoples. Moreover, these toilets are not permitted to be built from east to west, but must be constructed from north to south in order to prevent any defecation towards Mecca (source). Why, one must wonder, is Germany pandering to the lifestyles of minorities? Should not the situation be reversed? Shouldn’t refugees assimilate to Western styles of life rather than Western countries assimilate to a lifestyle appropriate in third-world countries? 

These new bathroom facilities, constructed to comfort the copious amounts of refugees received by the European nation, are called Kultursensible Toilettestranslating to “culturally-sensitive toilets.” Because nothing says that you are sensitive to a foreigner’s culture than by constructing a toilet requiring you to squat over a hole in the ground. 

Some German outlets consider the construction of these culturally-sensitive toilets to promote “racism and defamation,” and at the very least, it is a slap in the face to German patriots and nationalists who are dedicated to preserving their people and culture. Will Europe ever awaken to the Islamic occupation it is experiencing, or will the Germanic, Slavic, Nordic, and other European peoples be subjected to the whims of foreign infiltrators, forced to abandon their culture and identity in the name of tolerance and progress? Only time will tell.