Government is Investing Millions to Put Fluoride in More Drinking Water


New Zealand Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has announced $12 million in funding for additional infrastructure costs related to fluoridating its water supply.

A number of water supplies are already fluoridated – about 2.3 million New Zealanders “have access” to fluoridated water. This new funding will benefit the 1.4 million New Zealanders whose water supplies are not currently fluoridated.

And to what medical rationale do these New Zealand citizens owe such generosity?

Increasing access to fluoridated water will improve oral health and mean fewer costly trips to the dentist,” says Coleman.

Ah, yes. The local dental industry must be uniting in celebration.

Recognition that fluoridating water is the single-most important initiative to improve dental health, particularly child dental health, is long overdue and I’m sure this move will be welcomed by the wider community.

Think again, Coleman.

Despite the New Zealand Health Minister’s lucrative vote of confidence, the increasingly aware population is continuing to recognize the reality of this gargantuan public health scam. Let’s revisit the oft-overlooked evidence that may stifle that “wider community welcome:”

  • The FDA has never approved fluoride as a drug, and no recipient of fluoride has ever been medically evaluated for their “need” for it
  • Before 1940, fluoride’s only approved use was as a rat and cockroach poison
  • The Nazi’s used fluoride to sedate prisoners in concentration camps
  • Fluoride is a basic ingredient in Prozac
  • The first litigation over the atomic bomb concerned fluoride, not radiation
  • The chief public relations strategist for the United States fluoride campaign was the nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward L Bernays, who in 1928 wrote a book entitled “Propaganda”
  • Most European countries do not add fluoride to their water
  • The EPA concludes that it is likely that some children 8 and younger are exposed to too much fluoride at least occasionally (which is also ironic considering its supposed impact on child dental health)


Fluoride Free NZ can stand and be counted among the public dissenters, and spokesman Don Church also questions the credibility of the cited statistics.

“It is mass medication against people’s will, against freedom of choice.”

Mr. Church may have a point.

The fact is, most dentists are unaware that the fluoride added to drinking water today – even in the United States – is actually an industrial waste, “scrubbed” from the smokestacks of phosphate fertilizer mills to prevent it from damaging livestock and crops in the surrounding countryside. In a slick arrangement, these phosphate companies are spared the expense of disposing of this “fluosilicic acid” in a toxic waste dump. Instead, the acid is sold to municipalities, shipped in rubber-lined tanker trucks to reservoirs across North America and injected into drinking water.

This is all being done to “prevent cavities” – a medical claim that technically turns fluoride into an unapproved drug being used in an illegal mass medication scheme.