On Friday, August 18th, 2017, a stabbing incident took place on the Market Square of Turku, a city located in southwestern Finland. Two individuals have been confirmed as dead, and six others are reported to be injured. The perpetrator of the attack is suspected to be an 18-year-old Moroccan citizen. “The incidents were initially investigated as murders,” stated police, “but in the light of further information received during the night, the offenses include now murders with terrorist intent and their attempts.” The Finnish government has condemned the act of terrorism; however, there is an underlying denominator that has gone unaddressed by many Europeans. 

Watch the video (mirror): 

Immigration to Finland has been a contributing factor to the country’s economic growth in recent years; however, the majority of such migrants have historically hailed from other European countries such as Sweden and Russia. Moroccan-Finnish relations, however, have been bilaterally strengthened in the past half century. Finland recognized the predominately Muslim country’s independence in the summer of 1956, and diplomatic relations were pursued the following year. Examples of positive relations between the two countries include a Finnish embassy in Rabat, Morocco and a Moroccan embassy in Helsinki, Finland. 

However, despite positive relations held by collective groups of people, differences in culture, religion, and overall socio-political ideologies will always prove to be an insurmountable obstacle barring the path to a progressivist multiculturalist utopia. Stabbings like the one imminent in Turku will only increase in regularity if immigration is not staunchly regulated. 

The radical inclusion of social minorities among indigenous European lands can only result in violence and contradiction, because by definition, opposing cultures and peoples cannot rightfully coexist. We are all different, just as paints on a palette all boast a unique color and shade. To mix all the colors together would be to exterminate the existence of the individual instances of beauty latent in the segregation of each diverse color. It is similar with people groups. Multiculturalism, as it is understood by leftist rhetoricians, is an impossibility without the extermination of diversity.

Our thoughts, vibes, and prayers are with the Finnish people, but decisions must be made and actions need to be taken to prevent the cultural degradation occurring before our eyes.