In breaking footage that has been banned from YouTube due to its graphic content and was uploaded to LiveLeak on October 1, 2017, a man present at the shooting scene took a video of the bloody aftermath wrought by the Las Vegas shooting. He surveys the scene with light commentary, moving victim from victim to check for survivors that could be aided by medics at the site. The scene is graphic to the point where even LiveLeak placed a content warning label on the video’s page of origin. 

Some have decried the video as weird, or have questioned its legitimacy due to the awkward, sporadic nature of the cameraman, notably in the manner that he just sort of stumbles from body to body without doing anything helpful. What is also noticeable in this footage is the constant cries heard in the video for nurses and EMTs, as presumably none can be found at the scene.

Watch the video: 


In the video, all lights have been shut off, and when the cameraman asks an official (off-camera) why lights have been shut off, the official replies, saying, “everybody on the ground is deceased.” 

This statement, of course, was proven false before the cameraman had asked, as footage of living persons on the ground, suffering from gunshot wounds, is evident in the above video. Moreover, the lack of medical professionals at the scene can be attributed to the statement repeated by the off-screen authority, “everybody on the ground is deceased.” This presumably led to medical professionals at the scene to neglect suffering persons on the ground under orders receive from their hierarchy. This is somewhat hinted at by the line of questioning espoused by the cameraman. 

Where did this authority receive this information? Who had broadcasted that “everybody on the ground is deceased?” And why were all lights shut off long after the shooter had committed suicide? Much information has not yet been released, and much of this tragic, violent event remains shrouded in mystery.