As the birthplace of Western culture and thought, it’s particularly sad to see the city of Athens torn apart by the forces of Islamification. One must imagine that the likes of Plato and Aristotle would have stood in horror at the sight of hundreds of Muslims causing chaos on Greek city streets. Yet this is exactly what is happening now as the introduction of Islam into a city which once produced some of the greatest intellectual discourse in human history, has only increasingly created scenes like the one featured in the video below.

The incident in question occurred yesterday when hundreds of ethnic Pakistani’s living in Greece took to the streets of the ancient city to celebrate the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday. Also on the streets though were a large group of Greek football (soccer) fans there for a match. It was when the two groups met however, that things soon took a turn for the worst.

Reports are now indicating the violence initially broke out as a result of some Pakistani’s attacking the football fans after mistaking them for members of the Far-Right Nationalist Golden Dawn party. When the sports fans saw some of their own under attack however, the majority of the actual Greek citizens came to the aid of their fellow countrymen and soon an open brawl with over 1000 participants was occurring on city streets. In fact only the swift intervention of Greek police armed with full riot gear prevented the incident from likely ending in someone’s death.  


Racial tensions in Greece have been at a boiling point for some time now. With native Greeks increasingly being forced to grow accustom to grotesque and often violent Muslim holidays occurring on their city streets. One such example of this being the Islamic holiday of Ashura which is based around ritual self-flagellation among other examples of self-inflicted injury. When videos like the one below are being filmed in a country that was the very foundation for Western style democracy. It’s hard not to start wondering how long a future that same Democracy still has left.

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  • McSwag

    Good to see some people fighting back.

  • Hand of Justice

    Although I am seeing my self as a person who hates radicalism and wants all races of the world to live in peace without clashes and away from radicalism and wars, these videos are giving me the creeps.

    These Muslims are radicals ! These Muslims must be removed from our countries. Everyone knows what will happen next. They will start talking about human rights and freedom of practicing their religion, they will start some NGO’s and even a political party that will push through governments for “their rights”.

    Their only concern though is how to change things to their favor. These are radicals and radicalism in any form is extremely dangerous. (Even radical Christians are dangerous).

    Don’t get me wrong. I have Muslims who are not radicals and live on the apartment next to me. Normal people, abiding by the western civilization culture because they respect the way of life.

  • Niko Tsaltas

    At first to make something clear. Aristoteles would not worry about muslims in athenean streets. Ancient greece was a multicultural and multiethnical conglomerate of states and people. Great Alexander, pupil of Aristoteles, practiced the philosophie of multicultralism in his politics by marriing himself and 10000 of his soldies to fereign wifes and practicing ultimate freedom of religion and believe in his superstate.

    By far the most ancient empires were open to multiculturalism, best examples are the Romans and Persians who were allowing everyone to practice their own religion and culture. This was one of the reasons this empires became as big as they got, not nationalism. The reason those empires fell were allways inner tensions caused by the greed of the ruling class, not a foreign culture invading. What all this fallen empires have in common: as soon as a decline in power was noticable they started propagating nationalism and accelerating their demise further.

    Greece is nothing but the shaddow of its past and muslims had nothing to do with it. The greek gonverment is ruled by lobbyists protecting only their selfinterest. Its one of the most corrupt states on earth. There is no politcal vision for the future. And as always if something goes wrong nationalist voices are getting louder. Greece is no exeption to history repeating it self.

    As a greek person i know that Paok football hooligans are the worst. Everytime their team plays it ends up in a battlefield, it doesnt matter whom they are fighting and they are for sure the iniciators of this mess, this guys should get arrested.

    Sorry my english grammar is not the best, i am not a native speaker.

    • Δράκων

      STFU, not only you are a worthless pseudo-anarchist but you are not even Greek! You are an Arnaoud (aka Albanian), that’s what your surname reveals! Like Tsipras, who is of mixed Turkish and Albanian origin.

      • Niko Tsaltas

        exctly what i mean, thank you for proofing my point.

        • Δράκων

          It doesn’t mean that since you are an albanian, all the others are albanians. You are free to go back to albania which is actually in modern-day Dagestan, we don’t like albanian thugs in Greece!

  • Greim Davy

    The Muslims will eventually take over the European Countries and bring in Sharia Law. The Greek Government will be dragged out of their concrete towers and made an example of. Beheaded. That’s what is happening for letting cannibals into your Country. Too late to change back. Greek citizens will free just like the Muslims did from their own Country. If they don’t change to Islam they will be killed. Your own fault.