Head of Russian Space Agency Found Dead: The List of Dead Russian Diplomats and Scientists Keeps Growing…

Russian Space Agency

Strange Circumstances About Russian Space Agency Top Scientist’s Death

On March 18, 2017, Vladimir Evdokimov, a top authority of the Russian space agency, was found dead in a prison cell. Russian authorities jailed him on charges of embezzlement. But later, police found him with several stab wounds to the chest. Eleven people who shared the cell with him are currently being interrogated. The Russian government has yet to release additional details.

Vladimir Evdokimov is just one death in a string of top Russian diplomats, businessmen, and scientists who have died under suspicious circumstances. This list includes:

1. Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov was assassinated by a police officer at a photo exhibit in Ankara on December 19th, 2016.

2. On the same day, diplomat Peter Polshikov was shot dead in his Moscow apartment. Polshikov served as a senior stategist in the Latin American department of the Foreign Ministry.

3. Ex-KGB chief Oleg Erovinkin, who was suspected of helping draft the Trump dossier, was found dead in the back of his car on December 26, 2016. His death could have been linked to Britain’s M16, however Western media blamed the Kremlin.

4. Russia’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, died in New York on February 20, 2017. Churkin was rushed to the hospital from his office at Russia’s UN Permanent Mission. Initial reports said he suffered a heart attack, however his death is currently under investigation.

5. Russia’s Ambassador to India, Alexander Kadakin, died after a “brief illness” on January 27, 2017. The circumstances surrounding his death are unclear.

6. Russian Consul in Athens, Greece, Andrei Malanin, was found dead in his apartment on January 9, 2017. A Greek police official said there was “no evidence of a break-in.” Malanin served during a time of improving relations between Greece and Russia.

7. On the morning of U.S. Election Day, Russian diplomat Sergei Krivov was found unconscious at the Russian Consulate in New York and died at the scene. Initial reports said Krivov fell from the roof and had blunt force injuries, but Russian officials said he died from a heart attack. Krivov was believed to be in charge of counter-espionage operations in Russia. 

8. In 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s driver was killed in a car accident while driving the Russian President’s official black BMW. Putin was not present in the car at the time.

9. In November 2015, a top Putin ally Mikhail Lesin was found dead. Initially, it was believed he died of a heart attack, but later coroners announced he died of blunt force trauma to the head.

U.S. and British mainstream media sources have blamed these deaths on the Russian government, despite evidence that could point to another perpetrator.