“Heartless”: Baby Alfie’s Memorial Tree Comes Under Attack


“Heartless,” “unbelievable,” and “livid” are all words people are using to sum up their feelings following the revelation that people are stealing items left at the memorial tree in honor of Alfie Evans, the baby who died in England after his parents fought a very public battle for the right to leave England in order to seek different treatment. 

In a Facebook post made to the group “Alfie’s Army Official,” group administrator, Jo Vaughn said the following, “We admin are sorry to say we have been made aware of people stealing gifts left for Alfie at his memorial tree. 💔

On the larger pic is how Our [sic] little warriors tree now looks compared to the 2 smaller pics on the right.

Army members left various gifts for our beautiful fighter and this breaks not only our hearts, but Alfie’s families hearts that some people have done this extremely disrespectful act.

It would be lovely if army members could still please take their gifts to Alfie’s tree and if possible make sure our beautiful Alfie’s tree remains the lovely memorial it originally was.”

Included in the post are three before-and-after photos of the memorial. 

“Alfie’s Army,” as they call themselves, are people from all around the world who came together to advocate in person and on social media on behalf of the sick toddler. 

Their group description links to the Change.org petition signed by over 600,000 people urging Alder Hey hospital as well as the UK government to release Alfie so that his parents could seek alternative treatment for his undiagnosed neurological condition. 

Both Alder Hey, as well as the UK government, rejected the pleas of Alfie’s family, his supporters and even the Pope -who offered to fly him to the Vatican hospital- and following the withdrawal of food and water, Alfie passed way on April 28th, 2018.

Alfie’s Army has not gone away however, they still seek justice for Alfie’s family who were denied what many see as the basic human right to seek alternative treatment for their child. They also fight to keep the memory of little Alfie alive.

As part of that effort a tree nearby to Alder Hey became a makeshift shrine to Alfie. So with all that tragedy and sadness surrounding this sweet memorial, it hit Alfie’s Army hard to learn that people have been stealing toys and other gifts from the tree. 

“Why can’t people mind their own business, it’s a memorial of a little baby, a baby that’s been badly wronged. Can’t they just butt out and let everything thing to do with this family alone and give them a break. Shameful and a very low act.” commented Dolores O Donovan. 

Apparently, Alfie’s tree near Alder Hey is not the only one affected. “This has happened to a tree people have set up in wales [sic] as well! Not right!” commented Becky Hancox. 

Some people suggested that perhaps someone had come through and cleaned up old flowers and deflated balloons, but many others answered by saying that toys and candles are gone too. One commenter said she left a toy soldier that was taken. She plans to return soon with another. 

England has seen a stunning increase in burglary crime as of late. The Telegraph reported in January, “Recorded crime has gone up by 14 percent in a year, new official police figures show, as robbery, mugging and violent crime all increased

Overall the statistics, which record the number of crimes reported to police over the last year in England and Wales, paint a dramatic picture of increased offending in almost every category.” 

As Muslim immigration has increased so has all crime in the UK, not just burglary but rape, stabbings, and murder have all increased. London, which famously became majority minority recently, now has higher crime than New York City

Of course it’s unknown who exactly is stealing from Alfie’s memorial but the disgusting act is part of a growing problem. 

For now, Alfie’s Army continues on, hoping to save other children from Alfie’s fate, affect legal change in the UK, and remember the little boy who touched their lives so much.