Not since the famous post-war baby boom of the late 40’s has the UK seen a population surge the likes of which it is currently undergoing. While that older surge in numbers was caused primarily by a simple rise in births, this more recent development is being driven by a very different source indeed. With net migration into the country accounting for over 62% percent of the growth recorded between 2015 and 2016. 

This 2015 to 16 period saw the number of people inside the UK surging upwards by more than half a million, the highest jump on record since 1947. Given that the vast majority of this population upswing was driven by foreign immigration into the country and that the flow of migrants has only increased in the past two years. It’s reasonable to assume this trend has only continued on upwards in 2017 and beyond. 

Because we are talking about the sudden arrival of millions of adults and rather than natural births into British families, the rise in population is causing some rather troubling growing pains for the country. The housing issue being the most pressing, as the UK simply currently has nowhere to put these hordes of people descending onto their small island. This problem isn’t unique to the United Kingdom either, with countries like France finding themselves so overwhelmed they started housing migrants inside government buildings

Most troubling for those living in the UK however, is that while their leaders including Prime Minister Theresa May constantly mention this housing crisis, they seem absolutely unwilling to ever publically address its root cause. At the same time billions of taxpayer dollars are being allocated to the construction of brand new cities to house these foreigners, not a word about their origins let alone progress towards stopping this never-ending migration flow are spoken. 

Listening to a speech delivered just today by Prime Minister May regarding the so-called housing crisis, one could be forgiven for not knowing that mass migration had anything to do with it. While she spoke at length over this “crisis of unaffordability” causing a “crisis of almost literal social immobility,” not a word regarding its origins were ever uttered. The solutions offered by both May and her rivals, come across more as band-aids for an open wound rather than a long-term fix. In the name of Progressive political correctness, British leaders seem unwilling to secure their borders to even the tiniest degree, preferring instead to break their nations entire economy and infrastructure in an attempt to accommodate these new arrivals.   

Tragically, the biggest losers in this scenario are the actual natural born youths of England who will never be able to find affordable housing in their lives thanks to this annual half a million migrant driven population increase the UK seems so determined to double down on. For an idea of just how bad things really are, consider the following facts.  

Out of 1.2 million new households established between 2005 and 2015, 1.1 million of them went to people not born in the United Kingdom. 

A new home would need to be built every 5 minutes just to accommodate Britain’s migrant population alone. 

In London, almost 50% of social welfare housing is occupied by immigrants, a number that continues to rise every year. The situation is even worse in the private sector where two-thirds of rentals are now occupied by migrants. 

May and the other leaders of Europe can talk all they want about how to solve the housing crisis, but until they face reality, and become willing to admit the root cause of the problem there is little hope that any of their efforts will amount to much success. It’s time to stop treating the symptoms and start attacking the actual illness itself. Unlimited open mass migration from the third world isn’t a sustainable path forward for any country that wants to preserve its culture and standard of living. This is something ancient Europeans understood quite well, so maybe it’s time the UK took a lesson from the past and avoided the fate of places like France and Germany.

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