On July 16, 2017, London-based police officers received reports regarding gang violence in the streets of Locket Road, a street in Harrow, London. According to the London Evening Standard, a police report was filed at 4:10PM on Sunday, which was responded to and found an injured 22-year-old man. No arrests have yet been made, but one particular silver Volkswagen was not putting up with the shenanigans enacted by the violent immigrants (see video above).

Harrow is a rather large suburban town, half of which is populated by Middle Eastern, Asian, and Indian immigrants. As of 2011, less than half of the city’s population was white. According to Eurostat, approximately 10% of the European population has been born outside of European countries, effectively meaning that 1 out of every 10 citizens of Europe are non-natives. Although several million immigrants behind Germany in regards to the recent influx of refugees, the United Kingdom receives the third largest amount of allocated asylum seekers, as of 2010.

Statistics of the changes in immigration, emigration, and the net amounts of non-British and EU citizens from 1970-2015.

In 2007, it was discovered that approximately one-fifth of all crimes in London were committed by foreigners. The Telegraph records the Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset, Mr. Robert Beckley, as stating that,

“Chinese gangs have started to use kidnapping. And when I was assistant chief constable in Hertfordshire last year, we had an Albanian murder based on family clan issues.”

Furthermore, a London official who has chosen to remain anonymous, states,

“We have found increased infringements around road safety issues. People are used to different rules and some can’t even read the road signs. Something needs to be done locally to stop these tensions getting out of hand. The migrants don’t know how to integrate.” 

There is immigrant gang violence rampant in the streets of London, and various London-based authorities are aware of this but are being silenced. The European Union has committed a suicidal act in extending open arms to those who hold conflicting socio-political values, abolishing the cultures and societal constructs subscribed by the proud nations therein.