Related imageAs the men’s rights movement in America continues to struggle against a modern culture, which perpetually paints all men as the oppressive monsters at the top of an evil patriarchal society. Other nations continue to actually act to ensure men can still have fair treatment in the modern day world.

Just recently the Supreme Court of India came down hard on the deluge of Indian women who have been filing inaccurate claims of domestic abuse.  This is a problem also incredibly prevalent in the United States, in fact a horrifying up to 70 percent of cases alleging abuse in custody disputes in America are deemed false by the end. The problem is so bad here in fact, even the Huffington Post of all places has published articles on the topic.

As our own court system is unlikely in the near future to take any direct action against this systematic abuse of the system, let us return to India where more rational heads have prevailed.  The new ruling which can be seen here in full, has already earned the ire of feminist groups in India.  In fact over 16 such organizations have sent a group memorandum to the court demanding the ruling be reversed.

Keep in mind this judgement by the court is only meant to dissuade women from making at best frivolous or at worse totally fraudulent claims of abuse.  A problem that had gotten so bad Indian men had taken to calling the practice a “legal extortion racket”.  On the subject, Wasif Ali from the Save Family Foundation stated “Seventy-five percent of cases are withdrawn because the women use the charges to extort money.

This ruling follows closely behind another from late last year in which the Indian Supreme Court opted to finally widen the scope of the Domestic Violence Act. Previously Indian law on the topic defined Domestic Violence in such a way that only an Adult Male could ever be the perpetrator. But as of this most recent year, for the first time ever the Indian court system has been forced to recognize and accept the fact that Domestic Violence does go both ways.  In the states while the laws may already be set this way, it would still be hard to convince the average American that nearly 40% of the victims of severe domestic violence were men as the CDC reported back in 2014

Obviously genuine domestic abuse, directed at either partner is wrong.  But this law doesn’t prevent women who have legitimately suffered wrongdoing from pursuing justice, instead it simply sets up some checkpoints that should make it harder for illegitimate claims to get through the system.  In fact, there is a strong argument to be made that laws like this only help the legitimate sufferers of violence.  As it’s the sheer amount of fakes both here and in India that have the unfortunate side effect of casting increased doubt and scrutiny on the real victims of abuse.  Instead of women’s groups being mad at this law, why not turn their anger towards the women who have lied for their own benefit, and put us in a place where laws like this are needed to begin with?


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