Terrorist State In Action, Iran Donated $400 Million To Terrorist Group

donated $400 million

Iran generously donated $400 million to Hezbollah. This is important because this was money that Obama gave to Iran.

They donated $400 million to Hezbollah. They want to fund terrorism without being directly linked to terrorism. This keeps them from being hit with additional sanctions and doesn’t force their nuclear program to fall too far behind.

The Democrats created Iran.

Jimmy Carter allowed the overthrow of the Iranian government in 1979. He presented the Iranian army from fighting back. This launched Iran into the terrorist, Sharia haven it is today. Iran used to be a free nation. Everyone was equal. Even women.

Bill Clinton bombed Iraq. Iran and Iraq have been enemies for a long time. He didn’t necessarily do this to help Iran so much as he did it to change media headlines after his Monica Lewinsky scandal.

But Barack Obama was indeed the most loving towards Iran. Not too long after his inauguration Obama pulled troops out of Iraq. In doing this he handed Iraq over to the very entity that was responsible for the deaths of 500 American soldiers in Iraq – Iran.

The very next thing Obama and his Secretaries of State, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, did was they began building a platform for holding negotiations with Iran. Hillary made the deal possible. Kerry and Obama next stepped in to close the deal.

Aren’t they just great negotiators?

The nuclear deal with Iran and the Obama administration is loaded with deceptions and outright lies. False narratives were provided by the Obama administration to the press to praise the terrible deal that involved the Obama administration providing $150 billion in sanctions relief to Iran after Iran complied with certain requirements. Verification of Iran complying with the deal and not working on gaining nuclear bomb capabilities were not in place in the deal and Obama broke the law in ensuring the deal’s execution.

Months after it occurred, the Obama administration secretly sent $400 million in cash equivalents on an unmarked cargo plane to Iran on January 17, 2016, to facilitate a swap that day of four innocent Americans held by Iran. The US also released seven Iranian prisoners. Obama said that it was not a ransom for the release of the prisoners but later the State Department confessed that it was. Another $1.3 billion was later reported as also being provided to Iran.

In June of 2016 Obama’s own US State Department reported that Iran is still the leading terrorist state in the world. It is killing more people than ever before.

Iran donated $400 million to a terrorist organization because they are a nation of terrorists. They have no intention of “righting the ship.”

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