Israel launches largest airstrike on Syria to date after claiming Iran was behind an alleged rocket attack


The Israeli military on Thursday said it attacked “dozens” of Iranian targets in neighboring Syria in response to an I in the Golan Heights. Although the Israelis claimed that 20 rockets had been fired onto sovereign Israeli soil they could not provide any proof saying that not one actually made contact in Israel despite the fact that they only shoot down four and the Iranian government’s complete denial of any involvement. But the Israeli government felt that this was enough proof to launch an over five hour-long barrage on Iranian facilities supplied to the Assad government in Syria, and the rest of the world seems to be satisfied with this logic as well.
In London, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson released a statement later Thursday condemning, “in the strongest terms the Iranian rocket attacks against Israeli forces. We strongly support Israel’s right to defend itself. We urge Iran to refrain from further actions which will only lead to increased instability in the region,” said Johnson, adding: “It is crucial to avoid any further escalations, which would be in no one’s interest. We also continue to call on Russia to use its influence to press those in Syria to cease their destabilizing activity and work towards a broader political settlement.” And as we all know the British government is famous for requiring empirical evidence before taking action just like in Iraq with the weapons of mass destruction and the expulsion of Russian diplomats after the poisoning of Sergei Skripal which was later proved to be done by non-Russian chemicals by an independent counsel from Switzerland.

Syria’s state news agency SANA quoted a Syrian military official as saying Israeli missiles hit air defense positions, radar stations and a weapons warehouse, but claiming most incoming rockets were intercepted. Syrian activists reported Israeli airstrikes hitting targets near Damascus. One video posted online showed a large explosion and shrapnel flying in the air. Residents reported loud sounds that rocked their buildings.

Israeli intervention into Syria is nothing new in the past seven years since the Civil War began Israel has acknowledged that they have conducted over 100 airstrikes in the region. All this comes after the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed through a PowerPoint-like demonstration that the Iranians couldn’t be trusted and weren’t keeping up their end of the Iranian nuclear deal which led America to terminate the deal altogether. And now after claiming Iran conducted rocket attacks against them they immediately launch a five-hour barrage unto necessary Syrian air defense systems without conducting any investigation.

Now I am not saying that Iran definitely didn’t have anything to do with the alleged rocket attacks what I am saying is that it is a very reckless precedent being set when a country can claim one country launched a small attack on them and attack an entirely different nation destroying necessary military hardware without any investigation or proof provided. This is just more destabilizing behavior coming from Israel and the last thing the Middle East needs right now is more countries creating chaos within the region.