Just days after an allegedly “false alarm” missile scare sent Americans into a panic. Now comes the sudden confirmation via a leaked Department of Defense report, that a long rumored Russian doomsday weapon is indeed real. The Status-6 or as the CIA has dubbed it, the Kanyon. Is believed by the U.S. military to be a nuclear-powered underwater drone capable of delivering a thermonuclear cobalt bomb of up to 100 megatons to coastal cities worldwide.

To put things in perspective, this unmanned autonomous vehicle could quite possibly obliterate much of the American East Coast even after the complete destruction of conventional Russian military forces had already been achieved. Worse yet, in comparison to our own nuclear submarine fleet the Kanyon has a multitude of troubling advantages.

First and foremost its ability to stay permanently underwater and non-active for years at a time, without the need to return to port. For example, it’s not unreasonable that Russia could park one of these devices off an American seaboard and simply leave it there unmoving for years at a time. Only set to activate upon certain criteria such as the total destruction of Moscow.

More importantly the Status-6 is designed to be largely immune to conventional anti-missile technology. While our own submarines rely on ICBM technology which can in theory be shot down by anti-ballistic missiles and also often depend on satellite communications to direct them. The Kanyon is a doomsday weapon with no such weaknesses

Designed not to fire a conventional nuclear weapon, but rather to create a radioactive 500 meter tall tsunami wave which would damage and then contaminate a wide area. It’s important to understand that cobalt bomb caused radiation would make an area completely unlivable for decades. As it would cause such high levels of deadly gamma radiation that not even hazmat suits would be able to offer reasonable protection. Meaning any areas affected by this weapon would instantly become nothing short of total dead zones for the foreseeable future. 

The first whispers of the Status-6 came in late 2015, when a document making mention of a nuclear armed drone sub could be seen in the hands of a Russian general in a state controlled television newscast. While appearing to be a security oversight at first. As the document was made visible during a report denouncing American efforts towards Anti-ICBM technology, the CIA later decided the leak had in fact been intentional. However U.S. intelligence for a time still remained unclear as to whether this intentional reveal was in fact meant to be a settle warning of real technology or merely the latest example of Russian disinformation.

Now though it would appear that at some point since we have in fact received confirmation that the Status-6 Oceanic Multipurpose System is a real threat. As the recently leaked 2018 Department of Defense Nuclear Posture Review has confirmed the existence of this cobalt bomb armed autonomous underwater weapon of mass destruction. Perhaps the most perplexing part of this story though is that for some reason it would seem that our own government does not want us to know about this particular Russian threat. As mention of the Status-6 only appears in the leaked draft version of the report, with all references to the doomsday device removed in the final copy.

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