“Kill Or Be Killed.” White South African Farmers Take Up Arms


“When you leave home, you can feel the animosity. If you walk down the street, it feels like your skin color depicts who you are and not your soul.” says Tanya Wagener as she describes the reality of life in South Africa. She recalls when her house was broken into which was caught on her home’s security camera. “The one guy clocked the gun and put it to my head. I immediately made the decision I would rather die now, headshot, than let any of them take advantage of me.”. When asked about her families future in South Africa she concluded “I’m at this point because I now have a little girl who is two-years-old. Me and my husband are left with two choices: We either stay here or emigrate. They are the only two choices we have.”

Sadly this is just one of many very similar stories that can be found in South Africa. Since Apartheid ended in 1994 there has been a staggering uptick in crime across the board. The latest stats on murder say that 52 people are killed each day. The country has one of the highest rape rates in the world at 127.6 per 100,000 people. With constant issues from high unemployment, poverty, and even water shortages the future doesn’t exactly look bright for the rainbow nation.

White farmers have been a targeted minority in the country for years. Since 1994 there have been around 12,000 farm attacks and 2,000 murders. These aren’t just simple robberies gone wrong. But malicious racially motivated attacks. Most are so brutal in their violence that many new agencies won’t report the details. Some examples include children being clubbed to death, babies being boiled, and adults being flayed alive. Unfortunately, these are only a few such cases.

With the ANC (African National Congress) now calling for the “expropriation of white land without compensation“, things will most certainly get worse. When a policy that will undoubtedly lead to violence is endorsed at the highest levels of power, what choice do people have but to start to organize to protect themselves? Here is the former president of South Africa Jacob Zuma singing the anti-white song “Kill the Boere”. Even the Nobel peace prize winning Nelson Mandela has sung the song multiple times.

Dark times are coming to the white minority in South Africa. Many countries already recognize that the farmers are being targeted for genocide. Austrailia planned to fast-track the visas for white South Africans looking to emigrate out. For those that plan on staying they will almost certainly need to get involved with groups like the Suidlanders to stay safe.

“The Suidlanders is a right-wing South African survivalist group. The group anticipates an eventual collapse of infrastructure and advocates and plans for an evacuation of white South Africans from the major cities when an anticipated white genocide begins. The group has claimed significant success in raising global awareness of the perceived threat, following a 2017 tour to the United States, and has also taken credit for an offer by Australian government minister Peter Dutton to preferentially grant refugee visas to white South African farmers.”