London’s White British population is now a minority and now the crime rate is higher than New York


London has now passed New York for violent crime and this is not due to New York lowering their own crime rate. No this is because of the record high London crime rate ever since they started keeping statistics on crime in London.

This comes after the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Theresa May, also known as Sharia May, has been putting pressure on the police not to perform their duties in an effective manner. And by that I mean she has recently told police not to chase criminals on mopeds if they do not have helmets on because they might get hurt and she did away with their policy of stop and frisk because she claimed it was racist. Despite the fact that there was a higher volume of white people stopped who had nothing on them then colored people who had nothing on them.

And at the same time of this softening on real crime leading to the record high levels. The United Kingdom has been cracking down on those people who point out the rising crime in the country and who give the reason for it. The reason is that of the inflow of immigrants from the Third World and if anybody speaks in a way that doesn’t praise this policy as bringing about a glorious utopia they face criminal imprisonment. This has gone as far as the British police arresting the YouTuber Count Dankula for having posted videos where he trained a pug to do a Nazi salute. And while the United Kingdom’s government continues to fund projects to monitor these thought criminals online they seem to not have the funds to fight the severe and very real problem of physical crime in the United Kingdom.

It’s because of this that the United Kingdom is the poster child of an anarcho-tyranny in the world. That is, a government that allows real crime to run rampant, that’s the anarchy part whilst simultaneously cracking down on free speech and any criticizing of the government’s policies, that’s the tyranny part.

The reason why the United Kingdom has become an anarcho-tyranny is that they are at the forefront of this multicultural experiment and the fact is this experiment has failed. This is proved by the fact that London is, for the first time, a truly multicultural city and now sees the same incredibly high crime rates that the American multicultural cities experience. Proponents of multiculturalism have always tried to play off the fact that we see these high crime rates in the multicultural American cities as a result of America’s gun rights laws and culture. But now they can’t use that argument anymore because we’re still seeing the same and even higher levels of crime with incredibly strict gun laws and with a whole new culture the only commonality being the diversity. Proving diversity is not a strength but a weakness.

And in order for the government, who seems to be completely unwilling to acknowledge their failures, and for the (((people))) behind the scenes who want to see these societies fall into ruins, to keep this going and to maintain their own power. They have to crack down on dissidents. And in order to keep the number of dissidents to a relatively low number in order to be able to oppress them. They have to try to cover their tracks in a way. They do that by lying about history saying things have always been this bad or that the country has always been multicultural. And we can see this through the United Kingdom’s taxpayer-funded network the BBC putting out documentaries where they depict ancient Romans in Britain as black or showing medieval history documentaries with non-white people in them. And because of the unfortunate fact that most people’s knowledge of time periods comes from a movie they saw set around that time period, this is actually somewhat effective.

But thanks to the Internet people now have access to more information and not just the limited information that is shown to them by massive Corporation producers. And this is why we see the crackdown on the Internet it is the only place where people can get information not controlled by one of the handful of (((people))) who own the politicians and all the media outlets.

But even with all of this cracking down on the Internet the effects in the real world are too great. And people are waking up to this fact that the multicultural experiment is a complete failure and destroys civilizations. This is why these mainstream political parties throughout Europe and the United States are losing all their power. Because they continue to push this destructive narrative on the people they lord over.