Mexican Writer Stabs A Donald Trump Piñata While Crowd Laughs Hysterically


Once again, the 45th President of the United States is at the end of violent expressions of disapproval. In a short video tweeted by Marco Gutierrez, co-founder of Latinos for Trump, a woman can be see rambling in Spanish while stabbing a Trump piñata with a large sharp knife. Other women are present for the spectacular show, evidenced by the squeals of laughter in the background. Who is the woman? None other than Guadalupe Loaeza.

Loaeza is a Mexican writer and left-leaning social critic who constantly ironizes the middle class. She is a columnist for Reforma, a Mexican newspaper. Prominent left-wing figures are quick to show their disapproval for anything resembling opposition, and in most cases, Trump is the perfect scapegoat.

The heralds chanting “Not my President” are the same individuals who would have protested at the slightest disapproval of Obama’s reign. However, it is certain that if a conservative were to have stabbed a piñata of Barrack Obama while a crowd laughed, he or she would be quickly labeled as a “racist,” and the identity politics would ensue in defense of the Obama Administration.

Several hundred years ago, in any given European country, an act akin to this one against a European king, ruler, or führer would have gone unforgiven, and likely violently punished. Today, however, an age of blossoming free speech thrives, except for those who wish to maintain their European racial and cultural identity. Judging by the demeanor that Loaeza carried with her during the above scenario, it may not be respectable to judge her to harshly, as she may suffer from of mental illness. Nevertheless, the unabashed disrespect, name-calling, and demonization of President Trump will not result in the desired end of rooting out conservatism in the United States; rather, it will do the opposite. The pendulum swings, and Loaeza is pushing it just a little farther.