In early 2017, Canadian president Justin Trudeau remarked that “our diversity is our strength,” referring to the massive immigration of Syrian refugees supported by Trudeau and his administration. Trudeau accurately represents mainstream globalist thought with his belief in a multiculturalist utopia wherein all cultures and civilizations are equally valuable, permissible, and capable of coexistence. It is not uncommon to find supporters among the American left who sympathize with this way of thinking, i.e., that no culture is inherently better than another and that it is the differences among us that unite us as a people.

The shooting in Sweden that has occurred only minutes before the penning of this article begs those who subscribe to a globalist utopia to reconsider their position on mass immigration. In Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden that boasts upward of 40%+ foreign-born citizens, four individuals are reported to have been shot by Muslim gunmen who are currently on the run.

The Swedish police force is losing the fight against immigrants, and Sweden has labeled over 50 areas as no-go zones, a name given to areas barricaded off by police due to an inability to enforce sovereignty. Breitbart has even documented a specific case concerning a Jewish reporter visiting the Malmö area who received blatant death threats from its ever-growing Muslim immigrant community. The few remaining Jewish communities in the Swedish city are slowly dying, with many afraid to leave their homes; many want to leave the city and do not want their children to grow up there.”

What sort of freedom do the natives of a proud Nordic country like Sweden possess when their land is being repossessed by Saracens through the advent of no-go zones? Once a proud people willing to defend their nation with their lives, the Swedish people have grown shockingly numb to the atrocities being committed around them on nearly a daily basis. Every war and battle in history occurred because of a single incident. WWI was caused by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, WWII by the German invasion of Poland, etc. Every war can be traced back to a single aggressive act against a nation’s identity, which begs the question: when will that moment come for Europe today? Will there ever be a point in time when the Muslim immigrants in Europe commit a crime so heinous that the proud European people will put their foot down and say that they’ve had enough? Or will the Anglo, Nordic, and other historically European peoples allow their identity to be trampled upon by the Muslim refugees residing in no-go zones in the name of diversity?

Diversity is not our strength, Mr. Trudeau; in fact, much evidence would have us believe the exact opposite. Diversity will be the downfall of civilization.

Some cultures are objectively better than others. Nobody in their right mind would dare suggest that the huts built by native South Africans before British occupation were objectively better than the Romanesque architecture developed by centuries of internationally recognized artists. Similarly, nobody would imagine that a society that practices female circumcision and sells women like cattle could ever be considered equal to a society where women possess every right that a man does and where female genital go unmutilated.

We, and by “we,” I mean Sweden specifically due to the extremely recent cases above, need to acknowledge that European civilization is objectively superior to the abhorable cultural practices extant in many Muslim countries. If this can ever be done, which is unlikely due to the rampancy of the progressive leftist narrative wherein, we will recognize that diversity is perhaps one of the biggest handicaps extant in civilizations.

Today, four Swedish-born men were shot and killed in their own country by a couple of immigrated Muslim men seeking to pervert the Swedish cultural landscape. Several hundred years ago, such an act of violence could have easily escalated to war with the Muslim populace within Swedish borders. But today, social activists will insist that the media should not judge the majority by the actions of a few, insisting that these acts of violence are not representative of the greater whole. The issue with such argumentation is that it in no way justifies the existence of such a plausible threat dormant in one’s homeland.

“No-go zones” are becoming more and more popular in large Swedish cities due to the influx of Muslim refugees causing civil unrest and insisting on the creation of autocephalous Muslim neighborhoods to enforce Sharia law. Developing reports seem to indicate that the shooting occurred within a no-go zone, inferring that even barricading dangerous immigrant communities from the rest of the Swedish world does not guarantee safety for native citizens.

Will the European Union awaken from its slumber and recognize that the Marxist concept of a globalist, multicultural utopia can only end in chaos and national ruin? Or will it continue to tolerate clear acts of disrespect and disdain for the Swedish world in the name of diversity? It is clear, based on current data, that if diversity is our strength, then the survival of Sweden relies on what progressives would consider “weakness.” That is, resistance against that which seeks to abolish everything that the Swedish people have historically stood for.