It’s been common knowledge for a while now that Antifa and their comrades aren’t exactly made up of the brightest individuals. Yet despite this the group seems determined to constantly remind us of just how ridiculous and confused they really are. Case in point this poster promoting an Antifa sponsored protest event occurring in Melbourne Australia next week.

The poster proudly boasts that attendees will have the privilege of virtually murdering Nazis in a variety of ways “in front of actual, real life Nazis and Nazi sympathizers!” So just who exactly is the lead Nazi that all the other alleged Nazis are coming to see? Milo Yiannopoulos of course. You know the Gay, Jewish, Classical Liberal, who fights against identity politics of all kinds including White Nationalism. Yea that “Nazi.” Here we once again have an example of the Alt-Left organizing to protest someone they have literally no understanding of. For proof of that fact see this post taken from the event’s official Facebook page.

I guess to these people, this counts as a connection? As for the other claims, does this speech sound like one coming from a “Nazi” of any type?

Of course the specific stated goal of the event is to show Milo that gamers are NOT with him, but is that really true? Milo has been a beloved figure in the gaming community ever since he became the first reporter to attempt actual balanced and unbiased reporting of the controversial GamerGate movement. This reporting was even key to Milo’s own rise in fame and notoriety. One could easily say that without the support and love of gamers, their would likely be no Milo as we know today. This is probably why the man himself has even already taken note of the planned protest and suggested an alternative game be played.

All that said, maybe the event will at least help boost sales for the SJW fest that is Wolfenstein 2. Because somehow their marketing campaign featuring the slogan Make America Nazi Free Again, hasn’t exactly led to great sales figures thus far.

Some brave souls have even entered the event planning page on Facebook over the past few weeks to try and explain to these people that Milo may not exactly represent what they think he does. The response to these efforts sadly have been just about what you would likely expect. Simply displaying once again, that all the common sense and evidence in the world will never get in the way of the Alt-Left pushing a convenient political narrative. 

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