Michael Edison Hayden, a writer from Queens, New York, covers a variety of cultural topics social as the far-right and social justice movements. Hayden’s content has been showcased in The New York TimesABC News, Al JazeeraSlate, NPRForeign Policy, Times of London, and National Geographic. But today, Hayden is a columnist at Newsweek. As a prolific writer, Hayden has a unique authority in determining what sort of media outlets are worthwhile or not. 

In a tweet from Hayden’s verified Gab.ai account, he stated that, “I have to whip up some trashy tabloid crap to feed my family,” referring, of course, to his full-time career in journalism, being currently employed by Newsweek. Of course, this tweet questions the legitimacy of Newsweek’s content as a media outlet, as employees speaking badly of their employers reflects the true flaws of the latter. 

Journalism is undergoing a crisis, and this is most notable in the mainstream media, where it is slowly becoming clear that many news outlets possess clear socio-political biases, and employ and/or promote individuals or sources that further their sectarian agenda. With the above data in mind, it would not be preposterous to assume that many columnists do not actually profess the opinion which they write, and are rather ghostwriters for various outlets to “plug in” to whatever socio-political philosophy is supported by the platform. 

Such is the growing concern of “fake news” inhibited by the public. An acknowledgement of journalism’s tragic fall to moral relativism and utter lack of source or fact-checking has led the Western public to express notable degrees of distrust towards the social elite. Today, more Americans feel lied to by their own government than they feel that they are in control of. Although the United States was founded as a country where the government was under the control of the people, many are becoming aware that this is not the case anymore, and it is, unfortunately, the government that is capable of controlling its people. 

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