New video just released by the United Nations Command has revealed that just last week an almost unprecedented occurrence happened inside the Korean Demilitarized Zone. An area that is quite possibly the most heavily guarded on the planet. The occurrence which was caught on film, involved North Korean border guards both crossing into the South and even open firing inside the territory. Both acts representing the most blatant violation of the longstanding ceasefire between the two Korean nations in decades.

It all started on November 13th when a young male defector from the Communist dictatorship attempted to escape into the free South. Hot on his heels though were a small band of North Korean soldiers who were by no means attempting to take this would be political asylum seeker alive. The defector only got as far as he did, by successfully stealing an army truck and driving it right through the DMZ. He eventually abandon his vehicle which was being fired at and made his way by foot to the safety of South Korean and American forces but not before being hit by at least 4 separate bullets.

American and U.N. sources have now confirmed the defector as a 24 year old North Korean surgeon. He is currently recovering inside a South Korean hospital which he flown to inside a U.S. military helicopter. While information is still limited, it has been confirmed he is now stable and conscious following multiple surgeries to extract the bullets. In fact doctors at the hospital have stated the man has been enjoying everything from South Korean pop music to American action movies over the past few days.

Since the event, the United Nations, American military, and South Korean government have all filed separate official complaints to North Korea that this act represented a clear violation of the 1953 armistice which ended the Korean War and still in theory stands today. On this topic, Chad Carroll of United Nations Command told reporters, “The key findings of the special investigation team are that the KPA (Korean People’s Army) violated the armistice agreement by one, firing weapons across the MDL, and two, by actually crossing the MDL temporarily.”

Going by past responses though, it is unlikely the North Koreans will take any warnings of violations seriously. As thus far the West has proven quite consistently unwilling to take any real action in response to the rising provocations by the North. In fact no official public comment has been made regarding said violations or the defector as of yet by North Korea who is most likely trying to keep its own people uninformed of the event. This is likely even why the UNC has suddenly opted to release the video publicly, hoping it will eventually make its way to the people still inside the repressive Communist nation.

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