VIDEO: Refugees Try To Rob Brazilians In London, Get Beaten With Sticks


In a recent video that has surfaced to the top layer of the internet (located on both YouTube and LiveLeak), a group of approximately 5-6 Brazilians can be seen mercilessly beating a refugee who repeatedly shouts, “I don’t have your money!”

Allegedly, the one refugee was a part of a larger group who had taken the wallet of one of the Brazilians captured in the video, and this particular Muslim didn’t run fast enough to escape the brutal blows granted to him by the man whose wallet had been snatched. The video isn’t terribly graphic, but the cynical may find it entertaining.

The video is said to have been filmed in London, although the greenery certainly doesn’t look like any London we’ve ever seen. But, my criticism of the video’s legitimacy as a North American is only as good as anyone else’s.

According to Eurostat, approximately 10% of the European population has been born outside of European countries, effectively meaning that 1 out of every 10 citizens of Europe are non-natives. Although several million immigrants behind Germany in regards to the recent influx of refugees, the United Kingdom receives the third largest amount of allocated asylum seekers, as of 2010. London is affected by the immigration crisis more than other cities, with 44% of the population being part of various ethnic minorities, as of 2015.

The Brazillian population in the United Kingdom has increased by almost 700% between 1991 and 2009, and the video above shows that not only is multiculturalism harmful to indigenous European peoples, it is also harmful to ever culture that is thrown into the fray. Minorities will not only find difficulties assimilating to their localities, but they will inevitably come into conflict with other minorities, evidenced above.

The expanse of third-world peoples into first-world civilizations is not beneficial to either party in the long-run and will result in the gradual loss of each, resulting in a sort of mingled, festering cesspool of complex identities. The remedy is strong nationalism, practiced by some organizations such as the Identitarian movement in Europe, which has recently crowdfunded a $150,000 cargo ship to personally ferry incoming refugee boats back to the shores of Africa. Let us hope that the gods smile upon Europe and safeguard its people and its land.