Sadiq Khan Supports Terrorism And Fake News

part and parcel

Sadiq Khan is the mayor of London and a pro-refugee advocate. He has gained worldwide attention over his feud President Donald Trump. He, along with CNN, have made sure the people of London are being misled about the immediate threats they face from terrorists.

Last year Khan said that being prepared for terrorist attacks is “part and parcel” of living in a big city despite the fact that one of the largest cities in the world, Tokyo, doesn’t suffer terrorist attacks.

He has been a very open advocate of refugees. In fact, he said that it was sad that London didn’t accept more than 43 refugees during an official plan during last April. Kahn dubbed it a “badge of shame.”

There have been two terrorist attacks in his city of London in less than a month. He even said that London would never be cowed by terrorism all while advocating for more refugees to join the population of London.

In fact, he is more concerned with climate change than fighting the terrorism that plagues the largest city in the UK.

Why isn’t climate change part and parcel of big city living?

In a seeming collusion effort, CNN UK blatantly staged a fake Muslim protest to the most recent terrorist attack. Mark Antro is the individual who filmed the behind the scenes staging of the fake protest.

The mainstream media is colluding with Sadiq Kahn and the Labour Party of the UK to instill a false sense of security in the citizens of the UK. And of course, CNN stated that they weren’t staging news, they were just directing them so they could get the completely genuine protest in the camera shot.

In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, he stated that “nothing” was more offensive to Muslims than the attacks in France. This is despite the fact that Muslims being offended by a drawing of Muhammad caused the attacks.

His blatant misdirection about Islam is showing whom he is serving and it isn’t the population of Manchester or London. Even during the Stockholm terrorist attack, he said that London stands united with Stockholm, but he didn’t address the problem.

The problem is Islam. Everywhere it goes, chaos ensues. It isn’t part and parcel of big city living.

Poland and Japan don’t permit “refugees” and they don’t suffer terrorist attacks.

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