Last week I shared with you all the fact the small South American nation of Uruguay had just elected its first transgender Senator. A “woman” who also happened to be a morbidly obese representative of the Communist Party there. In case you forgot what we are dealing with, a picture is below.

I want to thank the many readers who enjoyed that story and helped share it. As an amazing thing was produced out of its success. Fresh memes created just for this particular social justice warrior! While many of you shared with us here at Squawker a great variety of reaction images in response to the story, a few intrepid readers went truly above and beyond. Creating new works of art just for the occasion. As I felt these efforts shouldn’t go ignored, here are my personal favorite five collected below for your viewing pleasure.

05. For The Ghostbuster Fans 

04. Unless She Just Eats It All Herself Of Course

03. We Got A Land-Whale Here!

02. Love At First Sight

01. Jabba The Transgender Hutt

As the career of Michelle Suarez is just getting started, there is great potential for even further fun in the future. In fact if you make a new meme or reaction image related to our favorite fat commie senator please share it with me @jack_kenrick or on our official Facebook page. As they just may show up in a further story down the line!


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