According to “anonymous sources,” reported first by The Washington Post, President Donald J. Trump referred to African countries, specifically including Haiti, as “shitholes.” The derogative reference to Sub-Saharan African countries, referring to the countries’ extremely high poverty rates and a disproportionate amount of tribal violence, took the world by storm and triggered millions of people worldwide. 

Despite the approximately $8.3B in economic assistance provided by the United States to the Sub-Saharan African region in 2017, many critics are quick to condemn the American leader as a “racist.” The majority of this aid has gone towards emergency responses, HIV/AIDS, and to help stop internal conflict within African countries. 

Interestingly enough, no African country has retaliated against Trump’s alleged remark by refusing American aid. American aid to developing countries is a hallmark of the international American presence that provides billions of dollars in federal spending on assisting the countries that President Trump allegedly referred to as “shitholes.” 

There is no reason to believe that Haiti, or any other African country, will begin refusing aid from the United States in wake of President Trump’s remark. 

Reached for comment about the article, White House spokesperson Raj Shah did not deny the “shithole” remark, but instead said in a statement that Trump “is fighting for permanent solutions that make our country stronger by welcoming those who can contribute to our society, grow our economy and assimilate into our great nation.” Maybe, just maybe, accepting large amounts of impoverished third-world immigrants is not a sustainable model of economic growth. 

A Ghanaian man by the name of Kwamena Agyapong provided the following statement on the subject: 

“The problem you Westerners have is too much luxury. You have solved your plagues, famines, and mass starvation problems long ago. You have nothing better to worry about. My country is still figuring out how to make clean water available to some towns… My entire country is pissed at Trump for some reason… As if we didn’t all know we lived in a shithole already.” 

Nonetheless, the entire situation has spiraled into an international debate on the nature of culture and nationality, and whether or not one particular civilization can be considered objectively superior to another. Twitter is currently filled with virtue-signaling and objections to the idea that certain African regions possess astronomical rates of poverty and violence. With the hashtag #WhatMakesMyCountryAShithole, South Africans are claiming to be the absolute epicenter of international tourism, culture, and energy production. 

President Trump has not yet recognized the derogative remark, claiming to only have referred to Haiti as a ” a very poor and troubled country,” and that he has a “wonderful relationship with Haitians.”