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Where to start with this one? Yesterday, Michelle Suarez had the “honor” of becoming Uruguay’s first transgender Senator. At only 34 years of age, this might seem an impressive feat for the male to female politician. However she wants you to know that it hasn’t been an easy road to get there. Claiming growing up she was heavily discriminated against and bullied by many. However this ignores the fact there is another possible reason for her bullying, one that is being ignored by the press in a seeming attempt to be politically correct. You see, not only is Michelle transgender, she also happens to be morbidly obese.


Her large size has only actually seemed to be an advantage for her political aspirations however. As she has seemed quite content to cash in on the double social justice points one gets for being both trans and fat. In fact she received a standing ovation upon entering the Senate floor for the first time, for no other reason than simply being the first transgender Senator in the nation’s history. This election wasn’t her first time dabbling in politics however, as before running for office herself, she helped draft the bill that legalized same-sex marriage in the South American nation.

You may be wondering what political party saw this person, and thought they would make the ideal candidate. Surprisingly Michelle is now serving as a Senator for the Communist Party of Uruguay. Just further proof that modern Communism continues to align itself closer and closer to the SJW filled Regressive Left. A far cry from the old days when Stalin ordered both trans and obese people shot on principle. Unsurprisingly for a new Communist lawmaker though, the Senator intends to waste no time pushing for bigger Government. Already drafting a new labor law that would mandate at least 1% of all the countries Government jobs be reserved for transgender people only.

Luckily here in the United States we don’t have any Communist Senators. Well expect for Bernie Sander’s at least. Still though all joking aside, this election result represents a strong left turn politically for a nation that before recently, had been seen as one of the most Catholic and Conservative nations in the America’s. If even Catholic Uruguay is bending over in favor of this new SJW flavored form of Communism, is it really that long before it makes its presence known in our Senate halls as well? After all, do you really think anyone in the ranks of organizations like Antifa aren’t celebrating this development right about now? We used to want our leaders to look and act like the best of us. Now apparently we increasingly seem to want the opposite for some reason.

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  • Bob

    Sometimes there really are “no words.”

    • Jack Kenrick

      And yet I tried to find some!
      Thanks for reading.

  • Rick Sanchez flashback

    These images make me feel physically ill.

    • Knowbody

      I had to delete the images using my browser’s developer tools to continue reading the article.

    • Jeffery Rightmire

      Yes they do,

  • Ragman69

    Maybe global warming is not the result of us?….maybe the Earth is running a fever and is sick? And apparently constipated. Look at the butt nugget that popped out of nowhere.

    • Knowbody

      There’s no such thing as gravity; The Earth sucks.

  • tonylocke

    Being that fat in Uruguay is sort of an accomplishment, really.

    • jlfonz1

      Side effect of being a government employee

  • CJ Spencer

    I thought the push was on to ban Trans fats?

    • Ted Shryock

      Moochell Revised her stance!

    • Lorena McFarland


    • Erika Leigh

      OMG CJ Spencer 🤣😂😂😂

    • Jeffery Rightmire


    • Audrey Barrett

      Trans fats😅o god, I peed a little!

    • larry

      OMG! Ahahahahah!

  • Ronnie Strapp

    here goes uruguay down the drain

  • Knowbody

    So, the SJW cult is being more blatant about the fact that it is inherently a communist movement.

    • Alexandre Saccol

      I mean, that shouldn’t be any news whatsoever. Anyone who thinks they’re not communist has already fallen for their propaganda.

    • Eagle_Eye

      A stopped-up toilet bowl can only hold so much shit for so long until it overflows… case in point the commies coming out of the woodwork.

  • Yuki Fuyui

    You got any evidence of there existing trans people in the Soviet Union?
    I am genuinely interested in seeing proof in that, though I have no sympathy of them being shot.

    Also the only obesity in USSR must been vodka bellies, even Stalin was a fit man for his age and position compared to Western leaders at the time with bellies as large as the Hindenburg, leaders after Stalin had Vodka bellies though.

    • black out

      people that we would today label as ‘transgender’ have, in one form or another, existed throughout history and in all cultures.

      • Yuki Fuyui

        Of course I am not denying that mental illness has not existed in the past, of course it has but transgender is a social movement these days even though back in the day it would rightfully be labelled a mental illness which it still is.

        • Jay

          You know absolutely nothing.

    • Jay

      You know nothing. Ok with her being shot? Typical right winger.

      • Yuki Fuyui

        First its the left, now its the right, make up your Goddamn minds children.

  • svendlarose

    I’m morbidly obese (BMI about 45) and this woman makes ME look profoundly slim by comparison. Also, her policies are shite.

    • Frederick Maack

      What about her politics offends you so much?

      • Knowbody

        He didn’t say they offended him, he said they’re shіt.
        And do you really need to ask why communism is shіt?

        • Jay


          • Knowbody

            Nice argument… oh wait, where is it?

    • Ima Man-In-Adress


  • Noah Jansen

    Now that’s what I call Social Justice Clout

  • Jonathan Niccolls

    Wow, that’s another twist on pork barrel spending!!! We’re banning Trans-Fats, and that’s a good thing!

  • Frederick Maack

    Still a better leader than Trump.

    • Delfim Moreira


      • Frederick Maack

        She’s not threatening a nuclear holocaust so I’d say YES

        • Knowbody

          Neither is Trump.
          On the other hand, communism will cause mass starvation if it’s implemented.

          • Jay

            You are ignorant.



  • Lee Fleeting

    good for her!

    • Ima Man-In-Adress


  • Jonathan Vanderhuge Spear

    I N T E L L I G E N T D E S I G N

    • Knowbody

      Humans could have been designed so much better if we were “intelligently” designed.

  • Donald H Sullivan

    There’s an old saying that people deserve the leaders they get.

  • agnostic conservative

    It will be putting a chain around Princess Leia’s neck and keeping her in it’s dungeon anytime now.

  • Drew Peacock

    Stunning and brave!!!!

  • Tatennant

    Umm it’s never okay to bully anyone even if they are fat. Some on people we have to be more mature than this.

    • Frederick Maack

      Maturity from the far-right? You’re kidding, right?

      • Perrier

        This from the guy who sees nothing wrong with her-excuse me, HIS-politics? Pots and kettles indeed!

      • Knowbody

        The far left consists of adult toddlers who try to cry to the nearest authority when people reject their shіtty ideology. “waaah, they won’t accept my stupid ideas, I want somebody to force them”

        It’s gotten so bad they’re alienating huge portions of the moderate left.

        Yes, a lot of the people you probably try to call “right wing” are actually left wing moderates who don’t like communіsm.

        • Jay

          You know sh*t.

          • Knowbody

            Is that what you came here to do? Throw empty insults like a 6 year old?

            If you don’t like what someone says, at least put some actual effort into making an argument to try to change people’s minds.
            Obviously you’re not capable of doing so.

          • Jay

            Look what you wrote. Right wingers only know how to make fun of people.

          • Knowbody

            1. I’m not even right wing
            2. You should change your name to IMAX with the amount of projection you’re doing.

  • black out

    wow can u really grow such massive milkies from estrogen pills

    • Perrier

      It’s generally referred to as “moobs” in the vernacular…

  • Jeffery Rightmire

    The end times are upon us,society does not benefit from this. This is perversion of at least two of the seven deadly- the almighty is not pleased, and California is burning, next–South America, and NY-perversions are just wrong. Fat, queer and just fkin gross.

    • Jay


      • Jeffery Rightmire

        Jay, you are on the list for the first to be taken, you have a bad attitude. And you are probably a big ole fat ass faggot who is ashamed of the damned selves.

      • Jeffery Rightmire

        Yes Jay, you are-and we are in the End times.

  • Danni Smith

    it’s called morbidly obese because of the morbidity rate. They should start looking for the next slew.

  • Tom Pierce

    She is one senator from one small Latin American nation. I pity her for being morbidly obese and not likely to live a long life. But I think this is all a lot of hallaballoo about nothing.

    • Ima Man-In-Adress

      “She”? This is a MAN, baby!

  • Ilpalazzo
  • Shadow

    If you applaud people for being physically unhealthy you are part of the problem.

  • BG

    Is “she” right handed? If so, her lefty cred is doubtful.

  • SoulGuardian

    Rip Cisplatina (Uruguay), they should have never separated from the Brazilian Empire.. now its just a circus, This cesspool of druggies and degenerates.
    Couldn’t be better. She must fit in perfectly there.

    Ave Glória, Ave Império

  • keyray

    jabba the hut was elected to office! I guess the communists are pushing for lazy fat transgenders to be in their party now!

    • Jay

      Rude f’er you are.

      • keyray

        I don’t support transgenders transition to politics to all white nations to politics it’s a mascaraed to degenerate latin america like the jews have already

  • edouard

    the article is right, but isn`t right to say that Uurguay is a Catholic country ¡ , The nation have no any rules about religion, and the Catholic is the less participantas or adherents than protestants churches ,as besides other cultes as Umbanda , and others like that , The most of the population is no religious practicant

  • ReilNollins✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰ

    Man Maui really let himself/herself(?) go!!

  • Jay

    Your article is poorly written, but I thank you for bringing this female politician to my attention. More power to her.