It’s important to understand there was no logical reason for Venezuela to fail.  It has the world’s largest proven oil reserves and not long ago was Latin America’s richest nation. Yet today its people are suffering in almost unimaginable conditions. With basic items like toothpaste and toilet paper having become luxury goods only available on the black market. The infant mortality rate having sky rocketed to levels worse than war torn nations like Syria, and the population starving to the extent that local Zoo animals are being butchered for basic sustenance.  This to say nothing of the fact its once tourist haven capital city of Caracas, has now become the murder capital of the world.

So how did this happen?  Surely it’s not just a result of slumping oil prices like the Venezuelan Government claims as other heavily oil dependent nations haven’t seen this level of economic disaster brought about by just a slight price dip.  The difference between Venezuela and those other nations of course being Venezuela’s Socialist based Government and economy. Its food price controls alone being one of the biggest contributing factors to the food shortages that have been plaguing the nation for some time now.

When former President Hugo Chavez nationalized industries and kicked out foreign companies he self-induced a economic collapse that the Government has foolishly only tried to fight by printing more money.  This leading to a staggering 700% annual inflation rate.  With things now in seeming total collapse, Hugo’s handpicked successor Nicolas Maduro has started to more openly act like the Dictator he really is. Rounding up almost all his political opponents and locking them away in jail or worse.

Despite all of the above, both Chavez and Maduro have racked up quite the number of famous friends in Hollywood circles.  From Sean Penn, to Michael Moore, and even famed leftist intellectual Noam Chomsky.  What all these people have in common is there amazing talent for being so blinded by the so called promise of Socialist ideals, that they can’t seemingly notice the starving masses all around them when they come to shake hands with the Dictators.  The video below presented by respected news correspondent John Stossel dares ask the question if any of these celebrities are willing to renounce their previous public admiration for Chavez and the Venezuelan system in light of current events.

Don’t be mistaken for thinking this level of insanity is unique to the liberal elites however.  As the average urban American doesn’t seem much brighter based on this video taken in the streets of New York, in which random passersby are asked if they think the United States would be better off modeling our economy on Venezuela’s.

The above video though perhaps not surprising given that until recently the likes of Bernie Sanders himself was even praising the Socialist system in Venezuela. 

The takeaway from Venezuela’s tragic collapse needs to be that it serves as a final reminder that Socialism when put into actual practice always leads to total economic disaster and political Dictatorship.  Do not let someone try and tell you that this “wasn’t real Socialism”, it was.  Which is why as American’s or residents of any still free country we must keep the plight of the Venezuelan people in mind as we consider the ever increasing calls for more regulation and Government control in all aspects of our lives.  After all we wouldn’t want the Dollar to be valued as less then World of Warcraft gold now would we?


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