In the latest bit of Liberal madness coming out of Sweden, it has recently come to light that Swedish Government officials are apparently signing off on child marriages for incoming migrants. In an attempt to respect the “sexually diverse” cultures of their new residents, Swedish officials have seemingly decided that pedophilia is ok in Sweden. At least so long as it’s being done under the guise of official Islamic practices.

Along with the swarm of migrant males sweeping into Sweden also comes in some cases their young child brides. While in a normal situation, these marriages would clearly be in violation of Swedish law, to say nothing of the sexual acts being committed upon these young girls by their “husbands”.  In an attempt to not offend anyone, Swedish officials have seemingly started giving these marriages a pass. With multiple municipalities having now ruled to allow these young girls to stay with their far older adult husbands.

It doesn’t even stop with simply underage brides, as the issue of polygamy, another practice normally illegal for native swedes has been given the stamp of approval as well. Some of the cases are even so shocking they involve the young wives arriving already pregnant themselves, but even then it was ruled acceptable by officials. When questioned on these decisions Social Committee chairperson Ingrid Hermansson defended their choice stating, “We do not accept or condone child marriages, but the law also states that individual trials should be conducted in each case. Our assessment was that the girls could live with their men during the asylum process.”

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The Future Of Sweden?

It should be noted that even in Sweden some voices spoke out against this insanity. With Camilla Brunsberg representative of the Conservative Party, leading the push back against these rulings. According to her the fact that the girls were not immediately separated from their Muslim husbands shows that “Sweden was backtracking in its acceptance of child marriage.” Brunsberg also wisely made the point that it was worth doubting whether the girls would really speak the truth of their situation to Swedish authorities in the first place, rendering these individual assessments pointless. In fact many of the girls in question, seem so indoctrinated into their faith, they don’t want to be removed from their adult partners. With one pregnant 14 year old for example telling a local paper, “When you are the midst of war and fleeing for your life, you do not think about the laws in force in the country you’re heading to.” Upon her request, she and her soon to be baby were allowed to stay with her adult husband.

For now though, with voices like Camilla Brunsberg in the minority. Individual assessments will continue to be the norm, meaning more and more child marriages will suddenly be allowed in Sweden under the guise of cultural and religious tolerance. Thus far the Swedish Migration Board has identified 132 married children coming into the country. But this same board also admits that they have no standard routine or practices in place to detect married minors, so these numbers could be far smaller than what they really should be. At the moment all we can hope is that Sweden soon starts coming to its senses, remembers its strong Western values, and stops bowing down to the hateful repressive religion that is Islam.


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