In the Liberal paradise that is Sweden, one woman is fighting for the rights of bitches everywhere. Local “artist” and resident of Stockholm, Carola Kastman has launched a campaign demanding the Swedish government build female only dog parks throughout the city. Due to the fact she has become personally upset at the long standing tradition that female dogs not be brought to existing parks during the few months they are in heat. Believing the current informal policy to be a form of menstrual based discrimination caused by the male controlled patriarchy running Sweden.

In an interview where she referred to her complaint as a “major political issue that must be heard”. She told local news outlet StockholmDirekt “I could never have believed that patriarchy had entered the dog parks.” This of course implying the practice of not bringing in female dogs in heat was some new policy rather than a long standing informal bit of politeness going back to the very start of public dog parks in Sweden.

An Example of Carola’s “Art”

Currently her “citizen’s proposal” is stuck in limbo while it makes its way through the official city government bureaucracy. However that has not stopped some of Carola’s fellow citizens from responding in the meantime. Many of these being experienced animal experts who see the problems in her political fueled campaign.


For example local breeder and pet daycare worker Emele Draper believes the idea to be noble in theory but not viable in practice. Stating, “I’m afraid there would be total chaos,” based on the fact that female dogs in heat tend to fight and be aggressive with one another as well. This is backed up by the head of a Swedish Kennel Club who stated the current policy is not about discrimination but practicality and protecting the animals. “It’s about animals, not humans.” Kastman unfortunately seems too preoccupied with her modern Feminist assault on an alleged patriarchy, to take the time to learn basic animal biology and behavior. Otherwise she would realize what everyone keeps trying to tell her, which is that an all-female dog park would still have large issues with bitches in heat.

These reasonable counterpoints though have not stopped Kastman from cashing in the victim card, writing on her personal blog that she believes herself to be under attack from some kind of angry male led “witch hunt”. Despite this claim however, Kastman seems to be enjoying her newfound celebrity status. Even writing an opinion piece on the matter for Swedish News site News24. Where she doubles down on the gender card stating, “I will continue to question this invisible rule, where the males have the power. It is very interesting and scary that the gender roles in society are reflected in the cultural animal world. It is time for a change.”  


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  • 7LibertyForAll

    This is why Sweden has become the hellhole that it is….focus on dogs in heat instead of the muslime invasion, the massive raping of the women, and the utter destruction of your country. Oh and your art looks like poopy.

    • Jack Kenrick

      Modern Art like this is a sign of western decay as much as anything. But your right on the rest as well!

    • Dano Radicia

      Nothing wrong with caring about animal issues, it’s just silly to try to project your human politics onto dogs who clearly don’t give a shit.

      In fact, most animals live in a patriarchal system with almost no equality. It’s kinda shocking that they having been cracking down on dogs’ behaviour earlier.

  • Crazy bitch.



  • StanUlam

    B*tches be trippin’

  • Rick Martin

    Feminism is a destructive hate group.


      Feminism is CANCER.

  • HappyCheese

    Whelp, that’s my crazy feminist story of the month found.

    • Paul Jackson

      Don’t speak too soon, there are still nine days to go!

    • Michael Steane

      D’you reckon it’s crazier than this one:

      Close call I’d say.

      • HappyCheese

        Yeah, I really spoke too soon. Apparently there was also some inter-ethnic punch ups this week in Hyde Park between radical feminist types and the pro-trannie wing of the Movement. Hilarious.

  • Paul

    Let’s assume that she gets her way. That will undoubtedly lead to some female dogs being mounted by male dogs. That will lead to her next campaign which is to punish male dogs for raping female dogs.

    • icutrauma11

      Well then, we’ll just have to create a dog offender registry and they won’t be able to live within 300 ft of Petsmart.

  • Sunwheel Knight

    ((( Kastman )))

  • MGTOW dum moriar

    This shit is important. It’s not like Sweden is the rape capital of the western world.

  • icutrauma11

    Someone needs to take her to the pound.