This weekend an event some pundits have already deemed likely to become the Swedish version of the now infamous Charlottesville rally is occurring. Possibly tired of the never ending Regressive Left polices of their nation. From the silly, such as Feminists demanding all female dog parks. To the more troubling such as the Swedish Government allowing for Islamic migrants to keep on abusing their child brides. A group known as the Nordic Resistance Movement is staging a major rally in the Swedish city of Gothenburg this weekend.

What makes this worrying however is that the European branch of extreme violent Leftist group Antifa has taken notice. With an Antifa counter protest event listing over 10 thousand as attending and another 14 thousand as interested. Some reports are even indicating Antifa and similar groups are planning to bus people from all over Northern Europe to the event.

There is every reason to believe this event will get far more violent than Charlottesville however. Whereas the “Unite the Right” rally featured attendees from a broad spectrum of ideologies, including everything from Kekistan flag carrying Trump supporters, to Proud Boy Libertarian types, and yes even a few real Fascists. This event is legitimately being organized by and only for actual Nordic National Socialist sympathizers. What this means is that unlike most protests in the United States, when AntiFa shows up looking for Nazi’s they might actually find them. Though they might then also realize that these types are not quite so easily bullied as their more innocent Pepe loving Alt-Right cousins.

It’s safe to say, events in Gothenburg this weekend will be fascinating to watch. Residents of the city are certainly aware of who is coming to town, with images like this having been popping up all over the city for weeks now. What will be interesting to see, is if violence does occur, which side throws the first punch. The Nordic nationalists or the AntiFa types who came to protest them? If it’s the second, the question then will become if that fact get’s any type of fair reporting from the normally biased Swedish press.

Regardless of your thoughts on either of the groups above. We must all recognize that Free Speech is the cornerstone of Western Civilization. It is open to everyone, and any attempts to stop it should rightfully be viewed with disgust

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