Yesterday something occurred in Europe that hasn’t likely happened since WW2, a fight over a castle. The Battle of Gravensteen as those involved have taken to calling it, featured no casualties or even severe injuries. It did, however, include many of the other key ingredients essential to any legendary fight, such as bravery, boldness, and an epic clash of ideals.It all started when a group of Pro European Union Globalists announced their intention to occupy a historic medieval landmark. Their efforts officially endorsed and supported by a number of prominent Pro-Refugee organizations including Greenpeace. Their target was Castle Gravensteen, a longstanding icon of the local Belgium culture and heritage that has stood since 1180 AD. Displaying no respect for this same heritage, the Globalists and their Marxist allies took control of the complex, littering its walls with banners calling for open borders and the “storming of Fort Europe.” These extremists at least opting to be open about their true intentions in a way that so many more mainline Progressives aren’t.
The sight of this sacred and ancient relic being defiled by those calling for the full-scale invasion of Europe was too much to bear for many locals in the area, however. Which is why the Flemish Nationalist organization Schild & Vrienden quickly assembled at the castle, kicking off an open conflict that eventually lead to physical skirmishes all across the castle grounds.The video below will give you at least some idea of what occurred when a small handful of men defended their nation’s honor in full view of not just the enemy, but also hundreds of civilian onlookers. While the most violent and shocking footage has been edited out for obvious legal reasons, the footage still provides useful insight into just what occurred that day.

Not only did the members of youth focused Schild & Vrienden successfully remove the Globalist banners hanging from the castle over the outraged objections of multiple grungy looking feminists. They also staged a counter-protest of their own, surrounding the castle with signs such as, “Secure Borders, Secure Future.”Regardless of your feelings towards the group involved or even their actions, which remained nonviolent except for instances of self-defense. It’s hard not to view what happened at castle Gravensteen as a rare example of people fighting back against the Globalist and Regressive-Left agenda. Words can be powerful indeed, but when the Extreme-Left continually backs up its words with actions meant to destroy our hope for the future, we too must occasionally respond to this with action of our own. Above all else, the Battle of Gravensteen should remind us what a small group of committed individuals can do when working together. After all, the most important revolutions in history including America’s were fought and won by a small committed minority, who simply had the will to act.

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