Yesterday yet another sport sacrificed its integrity and fairness in the name of social justice and progress. This time it was at the 2017 World Weightlifting Championships, where a Transgender competitor managed to put on a medal earning performance against his female competitors. The real shame in this story comes from the fact that not only were these poor women unfairly forced in the name of political correctness to compete directly with a man, but many were also vilified by the press when they dared complain about their situation.

Following her recent accomplishment, the mainstream media has wasted no time in celebrating the “bravery” of this New Zealand athlete. With multiple stories praising her performance, while also discussing the shameful “social media abuse” suffered by the competitor. Of course non of these same stories make any mention of the fact it actually takes cowardice and not bravery to bend the rules to your advantage for an easy win. 

Not much is actually known about the 39 year old male to female weightlifter Laurel Hubbard. As she famously has opted for complete public silence since choosing to start competing professionally as a woman last year. Even following this recent win the athlete refused all requests for interviews. What we do know is that for the first 35 years of her life, Laurel lived as Gavin Hubbard. Gavin himself also competed as a weightlifter though a far more unsuccessful one when compared to his female incarnation. A fact which has led many to wonder if his transition had more to do with gaining a competitive advantage over any other concerns. 

In a bit of humorous irony, the competitive advantage enjoyed by the Trans athlete was still not even enough to carry her to a Gold place finish. Settling in the end for a Silver medal behind American athlete Sarah Robles, who out lifted her by 20 pounds. This was an outcome celebrated by many, with Robles own coach stating, “When Sarah beat Hubbard in the snatch we were congratulated by multiple coaching staffs. Nobody wanted her to win.”

Other less “progressive” nations also vocalized complaints over a man being allowed to compete. This included the team from Egypt which would have likely earned a 2nd place finish if not for the Trans athlete. Their coach stating, “We didn’t agree with it. With somebody who was a man for so long, who has different hormones, different feelings, being allowed to compete. It is not fair.”

Despite many of the male coaching staff expressing their displeasure over the situation, they were still powerless to stop a trend that will likely only continue growing from here. After all despite the recent move by the International Olympic Committee in banning Russia from competing at next years Winter Games, in a bid to promote fair play. It was this same organization who set the rules which allowed Laurel to win her recent medal. In fact under IOC rules, Laurel would be free to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo should she want to. Given this fact it’s of little wonder that many female athletes are beginning to wonder if in the name of social progress, soon all female athletic records will soon be held by men. 

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