Troll Gives Speech Filled With Hitler Quotes, Gets Applauded By Leftists


Once again, the socially leftist anti-authoritarian group by the name of “antifa” (short for “anti-Fascist”) has revealed itself to be totally clueless when it comes to what they’re actually fighting against. The Impeach Trump March in Chicago saw a fair turnout, and a Trump-supporter known at this time only by the name Shad grabbed a bullhorn and provided a very moving speech for the leftist activists.

“This American Nation will always retain its right to control the owners of property… A policy of laissez-faire in this sphere is not only cruelty to the individual guiltless victims but also to the nation as a whole,” read Shad from his smartphone as he scrolled to read quotations (with slight variations to suit an American context) from the Nazi leader Adolf Hiter. As he bowed out after the riveting speech, his listeners began to applaud and cheer.

Twitter exploded with both rage and amusement at the trolling evident in the video above.

The presidency of Donald J. Trump is jarring, to be certain. Nobody would expect a prominent businessman to become the world’s most powerful man; yet, he is, and the United States must unify and come to acknowledge that.

Leftists must come to terms that the political pendulum is swinging. The advent of the Obama Administration in 2008 marks the prevalence of neoliberal thought in political and social institutions, but now it is swinging rightward with great force with the initiation of President Trump into the American presidency. The blind fury of many left-leaning advocates towards matters concerning immigration and conservatism is misplaced when they cannot differentiate their own political platform from that of Hitler’s. It goes without saying that Hitler’s social leanings were closer to liberalism in many respects.

The video presumably evokes different reactions from different people, but it nonetheless definitely possesses a cosmic type of humor.