Trump Ends Iran Nuclear Deal: Was this good bad or somewhere in between


Pres. Donald J Trump announced yesterday that the United States would be pulling out of the Iran nuclear agreement just before the deadline of May 12, but the sanctions on Iran will not resume for 90 to 180 days giving time for a renegotiation to take place. The deal was signed back in November 24, 2013, it was agreed and signed by Iran, the United States, the European Union, Russia, and China. It removed the economic sanctions put on Iran until that point in return Iran would agree to meet the stipulations of the agreement pertaining to the limiting of their nuclear program.

But they were many pundits who said the specifics of the agreement couldn’t actually stop Iran from developing nuclear weapon capabilities. This was because the deal only reduces their nuclear program although dramatically some say it still left enough to develop the foundation of nuclear weapons which could be expanded upon in developed very quickly from that point. Another major point pundits who believed the deal couldn’t stop the development of nuclear weapons brought up the three-week notice the international atomic energy agency (IAEA) had to give for their inspection of the one nuclear facility they allowed to continue to operate in Iran. Many people said this would allow Iran to hide their operations before the inspection proponents of the deal said it was impossible to hide the trace amounts of radiation that would be left from any enriched isotopes.

Another point of debate of the Iran nuclear deal was the 2 billion-dollar payment the US gave Iran. Now the money was technically Iran’s, back in 1979 they purchased American weapons that were never delivered because before the deal went through the new Iranian government had taken American hostages and proven themselves to be a threat so it seemed unwise to the American government to give them weapons or the large sum of cash that they had already paid at that time.

The Iran nuclear deal is a fiercely debated topic, especially for the alt right. Many in the alt right say that the only reason for economic sanctions on Iran was because Iran was one of the last two countries not to adhere central banking system the other being North Korea. But we must remember that Iran is an Islamic state and has no love for the Western world and cannot be trusted, and I know Iran is Shia Muslim and the Shia Muslims have shown in the past to be willing to ally themselves with Western powers work against the Sunni Muslims and as far as the Middle East goes Iran is probably one of the most harmless to the West when compared to countries such as Saudi Arabia. But we have to remember that no country as unstable as Iran should be allowed to develop nuclear weapons giving themselves independent power that could lead to threaten the West.

One of the main reasons why the focus of sanctions has been on Iran as opposed to all the other threatening powers the Middle East is because Iran threatens Israel, and Saudi Arabia and as we all know Israel always tries to use America as their goon to act in their interest and control the Middle East. But another reason why the focus is on Iran is that they’re one of the only countries in the middle east that actually have the capabilities to develop a nuclear weapon although I am very much aware of the hypocrisy of the US sanctioning Iran whilst simultaneously giving money to Saudi Arabia.

All in all it is probably best that the president pulled out of this agreement, but it would also be in the United States best interest that they renegotiate the deal before the 90 to 180 day deadline, because of the economic interests in the region with Boeing halfway through a 17 billion dollar deal with the Iranians to deliver them planes and for the oil markets of Europe. I think the particular deal signed was very poor but thereshould be a deal reached with Iran because they would probably be the most cooperative nation in the region to work with the West given how they are Shia and do not feel the same camaraderie as their Sunni neighbors do with each other giving us some ally in the region which the West so desperately needs.