When President Donald J. Trump wins, he wins big.

The President of the United States formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel this December, fully implementing the Jerusalem Embassy Act enacted in 1995. Before Trump’s decision, Congress has historically delayed such official recognition due to potentially harmful retaliations by anti-Zionist residents in the Middle East. 

As a reward for President Trump’s support, Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz has initiated plans to extend the city’s future high-speed train over the Western Wall, where Trump’s full name will be graced to a station. “The Western Wall is the holiest site of the Jewish people,” Katz said, “and I have decided to name the train station leading to it after the president of the United States, Donald Trump, following his courageous and historic decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel.”

The positioning of this station would align the soon-to-be “Donald John Trump Station” directly between the Western Wall and the Temple Mount, with Trump Station standing as “the beating heart of the Jewish people,” according to Katz. 

The project is estimated to cost at least $700 million, and would take four years to complete. The Western Wall is visited annually by approximately 11 million people, and when the proposed train station becomes operational, anywhere from 4-6 trains will pass over the wall per hour. 

Who would have thought that when Trump promised a wall for the American people, his namesake would be graced to a station near the Western Wall of Jerusalem? The respect shown to the American presidency by Israel in wake of the president’s most recent decision to recognize Jerusalem as the nation’s capital is astounding. 

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