Trump’s Dingo F*cker Transcript Is Fake News


Recently there have been a few articles making the rounds in the liberal echo chambers. They all seem to center around President Trump’s phone call with Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull. Specifically, they claim that the President made some rather rude comments to Mr. Turnball, calling him a “dingo fucker” and telling him to “go suck on a Foster’s.”

This is every bit as ridiculous as it sounds, but somehow there are people who believe this nonsense.  There’s a few problems with these articles that the people circulating them seemed to have missed.

First and foremost, the articles in question link back to an article by the Washington Post in which the transcripts of two of the President’s phone calls were released. If anyone bothered to click the link, they’d be able to tell that the transcripts contained in the other articles are nothing more than terrible fabrications. The entire call consists mostly of PM Turnball trying to convince Trump to honor a ridiculous immigration agreement made by his predecessor, President Obama. No where in the transcript does either party resort to personal attacks.

Secondly, these articles are obviously a poor attempt at satire. The transcripts contained are ridiculous, and if there was even a shred of truth to them it would be all over the place in the mainstream media. If the liberals sharing these articles bothered to read past the title, they would see that they’re listed in the satire category. For any leftists reading this, that means that the article isn’t real. Yet there are some people who are taking this seriously.

It’s easy to see how this happens. This is a prime example of confirmation bias. These people hate President Trump so much, they’ll believe anything bad that anyone says about him, no matter how stupid it is. That’s how you end up with preposterous rumors like this.

It’s fake news, plain and simple. What will these people dream up next?