The United Kingdom like mainland Europe below it has a problem. A problem that no one in authority wants to own up to. Which is that even if they want to keep letting into their countries, the never ending flood of Islamic migrants. They simply are running out of places to put them all.

This can be seen in the fact that yesterday UK Secretary of State for Communities Sajid Javid formally requested that Chancellor Philip Hammond borrow 50 billion pounds to help fund the construction of up to 300 thousand houses a year over the next decade. The vast majority of the homes in question expected to go to these newly arriving mostly Arab and African migrants.

This request though seems to ignore that the local UK infrastructure already can barely keep up with Britain’s exploding numbers. With the population growing at over half a million every year, and over 60% of that as a directly result of recent mass migration trends.

Lawmakers like Mr. Javid would seem to want you to believe, that the answer really is as simple as just building that many more houses. Even if that means putting the government billions more in debt. This though ignores the fact that even if the so called housing crisis is resolved, overall infrastructure in the UK is already at the breaking point. With as just one example, the fact that National Health System wait times have skyrocketed in recent years. Can the system really even handle just a few more years of this mass migration putting increased demand on it?
The public school system as well is already collapsing under the weight of these numbers. With more and more classes now being overstuffed with students as there are simply not enough teachers to go around. Does anyone really think these kids are getting any kind of real individual attention in class sizes this large?

Mr. Javid has asked for 50 billion that the country doesn’t have just for new homes. But if this project is to be green lit, it can’t reasonably stop at just homes. As new hospitals and schools, for just a starting point will be needed to accommodate the new people living in these homes.

This is why it’s high time we dropped the political correct line and started dealing with reality. As they say, facts don’t care about feelings. And the fact is that the UK, like much of Europe, simply can’t reasonably sustain these migration levels for much longer and still hold onto their modern western quality of living standards. Leftists like the Community Secretary will try and argue this is about “social progress,” but in reality the issue at hand is the overall survival of modern first world western culture and society. 

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