Joy Mogensen, Mayor of Roskilde, and Fr. Peter Fischer Mølle, Bishop of Roskilde, have recently expressed support for the construction of a new mosque in the city of Roskilde. As a response, some Denmark citizens have taken the liberty to broadcast a rather loud Islamic call to prayer, expressing their concern that a mosque would be permitted to blast similar calls if constructed according to the will of Roskilde’s politicians. The video above depicts two men blaring the call to prayer in front of Mayor Mogensen’s house, and sources claim that these activists also paid a visit to Fr. Mølle, who later claimed to have gone undisturbed by the music.

Seeking to make their point abundantly clear, the activists decided to pay the bishop’s doorstep another visit with larger speakers, which sadly was not videotaped.

Naturally, Twitter has responded with resounding opinions:

Immigration to Denmark has increased drastically in the last three decades, and as of 2014, at least 8% of the Scandinavian country’s population consists of immigrants. A study of crime statistics from 1990 to 2001 found greater proportion of non-Western immigrant and descendant populations are convicted of committing a crime than Western immigrants and descendants and their Danish peers. The same study suggested that descendants of immigrants were found to have a slightly higher crime rate than immigrant populations. That is to say, the mass immigration of non-Western peoples into Denmark has resulted in higher crime rates and has contributed very little in the field of social improvement.