VIDEO: Arab Refugees In Budapest Talk About Raping A European Woman In Front Of Her Face


In July 2017, a European woman fluent in Arabic visited Budapest to meet up with some friends. As she arrived at the Keleti Railway Station, she claims that she was shocked to see “masses of people of Arab appearance, filthy, unwashed and loud, who refused to let me get across the entrance.

“They shouted various insults in my direction,” claims the currently unnamed victim, “they tried to take my luggage. Since… I’m fluent in Arabic, I understood everything that they were saying… People without shame simply defecated where they stood, the women shouted, they were beat by their own kind, not by the police who didn’t even touch them. Children were screaming, there were huge piles of trash. They could not speak a single European language, they were noisy, shouting, and all they could think to do in the heat of the moment was to grab the luggage of passerby and shout obscenities after them.”

After boarding the train, which she defined as ridiculously cramped and filled with impatient Arab men, she experienced a dehumanizing experience that no woman should ever endure. The windows of the train were cracking because of how rambunctious the Arabs were behaving. “The situation was unbelievable,” she says.

As she remained seated in her place on the train, she claims that the many Arab men around her began speaking very calmly in Arabic, presuming that she did not know what they were saying. After all, a very small percentage of the Western population has any exposure to the Arabic language, and only a handful of that percentage is conversational in it.

The “relaxed” voices of the Arabs, according to the victim, began to discuss whether or not it was “worth it” to rape her, defending the possibility by the fact that she was dressed inappropriately, i.e. without a hijab. As a non-Muslim, indigenous European women will be increasingly subjected to the cruel, sadistic sexual abuses rampant in historically Islamic civilizations. According to contemporary scholarship, approximately 70% of Pakistani Musims are the product of inbreeding, over 70% of Pakistani women are subjected to sexual abuse, and nearly 90% of prepubescent street children in Pakistan are sexually taken advantage of in return for food and/or shelter.

The ethically reprehensible parameters associated with Mohammedanism and it associated societies will become gradually more acceptable by the European populace unless reactionary measures are taken. The massive influx of foreign minorities into native European lands have already taken a negative toll on the lives of others. What will it take for the people of Europe to revolt against what is occurring before their very eyes? That is, the gradual genocidal policies stemming from multiculturalist, globalist ideologies that promote mass immigration to dilute the native culture, religion, and identity of the indigenous peoples of Europe.