On July 12, 2017, footage from an elevator camera captured a black man robbing an elderly man. The perpetrator positioned his young child, a baby no more than two years old, between himself and the victim while his female accomplice positions herself firmly at the elevator doors, preventing the elderly man’s wife from coming to his aid.

The two suspects captured above are wanted by the New Orleans Police Department for simple robbery and cruelty to a juvenile.

The male perpetrator, holding the baby between himself and the elderly man as he robs the elderly man, acts as if he is in extreme discomfort as he pushes himself atop the older man. It is almost as if the couple is putting on an act to seem less suspicious, because all signs of uneasiness are quickly sedated as soon as the elderly man leaves the elevator.

His female accomplice  attempts to show concern for her husband as he crumbles in feigned agony into the elderly man. She positions herself between the elevator and the doorway, blocking the victim’s wife from re-entering the elevator or getting a better look at the situation. The elevator doors then shut, leaving the victim stranded in the small space with the black man, who keeps his baby positioned himself and his victim as a type of human shield.

Any information regarding the identity of any subjects in the video should be reported to the authorities of New Orleans, Louisiana.