VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Activists Try To Block Street, But This British Semitrailer Driver Doesn’t Care


Beginning at 4PM on July 28, 2017, Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists began a chaotic riot in the heart of Dalston, Hackney, London due to the death of Rashan Jermaine Charles, a black drug abuser who was apprehended by police officials after swallowing an illegal stash of drugs. For many, such actions committed by anyone wouldn’t be nearly enough to promote the burning down of an entire British ward; however, for Black Lives Matter, any death of a black individual, regardless of the cause, is ammunition for uncivil violence.

One semitrailer driver, clearly on a schedule and/or needing to be somewhere for work, was not nearly as sympathetic towards the anti-police activists trying to block the streets with both large objects and their own bodies. As activists began to pile on and around the semitrailer, some have speculated that the driver actually reached for the gearshift and accelerated, proceeding on his path despite the masses of Black Lives Matter activists attempting to block his way.

Watch the video below:  

The population of Dalston, a ward in the London Borough of Hackney, is a little under 11,000, according to a 2001 census. This means that, once again, Black Lives Matter is dedicated towards interrupting the daily grind of thousands of residents over a cause that is considered by the majority to be questionable.

This is not the first time that the racially-motivated movement has disrupted the lives of innocent citizens. On August 4, 2016, BLM protesters blocked the London Heathrow Airport. At the airport, 13 BLM activists illegally cut through the airport’s parameter fence, causing 22 flights to cancel and leaving over 100 individuals trying to get to their destination frustrated rather than concerned for their cause. 

The driver videoed above is an unwitting hero for those who value civility, dignity, and non-aggressive principles. Calm resolute is necessary when dealing with insanity. Often, the best method of deconstructing an opponent’s worldview is to let it play itself out, revealing the asinine foundations that arise when allowed to manifest. Dr. Jordan B. Peterson has proven this to be a method that reveals exactly how insane the contemporary postmodernist narrative is. 

The deceased black population would assuredly not approve of the violent methodology of the Black Lives Matter movement. In fact, prominent black thinkers in the past such as Martin Luther King Jr. have supported a radically non-violent approach to addressing social structures that allegedly oppress the black population, rallying the percentage of black Mississippi voters from 7% in 1964 to a whopping 59% percent by 1968. Black Lives Matter has not, and cannot, rally such social change because of its incendiary approach to every concern held by a black family.