On August 7, 2017, over 200 illegal African immigrants stormed the Ceuta fence located on the Morocco-Spain border. According to the video below, the immigrants opened the shut fence and proceeded to sprint through, ignoring the attempts of the Spanish police to cease their activity.

One of the officers, currently unidentified, broke his leg in the process of trying to stop the influx of immigrants from entering into his country. This occurs at the 0:27 mark of the video.

Watch the video: 

African immigration to Spain has been a matter of national concern since 2008, when it was discovered that approximately 752,695 Moroccan migrants resided in Spain, a country only twice the size of Colorado (approx. 195,000 square miles). Upon this discovery, the Spanish government began offering payments to unemployed immigrants if they agreed to cancel their residency and leave the country. 

The American state of Colorado boasts a mere 5.5 million residents, and if Colorado were the same size of Spain, that number would be 11 million strong for approximately 195,000 square miles of area. The population of Spain, however, is more than quadrupled that amount, at a staggering 46.5 million as of 2014. The immigration of African migrants to Spain does nothing to lessen the stress of the figure faced by Spanish nationals. 

Now, the estimates for undocumented migrants in Spain can add over 200 individuals to their spreadsheets, because the African men (intriguingly, very few women can be seen crossing the border) have reached European civilization and do not plan on returning to the violent, tribal frameworks extant in their African homeland.