VIDEO: California Sends Enormous Terrorist Response Team To Deal With Republicans


In July, 2017, Californian Republican legislators have voted to extend California’s cap-and-trade program, which was scheduled to expire in 2020, for another 10 years through 2030. According to Forbes, this has “approved yet another massive tax increase that will drain resources from the private sector, reduce the job-creating capacity of employers, and siphon hard-earned income from the bank accounts of individuals and families who already contend with one of the nation’s most onerous state tax burdens.” 

Cap-and-trade is a method of regulating and reducing pollution through government-mandates on energy-efficient methodologies. Many are concerned with this method, however, because if businesses and corporations are required to spend more funds on reducing pollution, consumers will eventually be forced to pay the price. And, of course, as basic economics show, whenever the cost of a good increases, the amount of demand generally decreases. 

The cap-and-trade rule, authored by Democratic Representatives Henry A. Waxman of California and Edward J. Markey of Massachusetts, was signed into effect in 2009 with the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACESA). This piece of legislation encompassed a broad plan aimed towards reducing carbon emissions, targeting reduction levels at 3% by 2012, 20% by 2020, 42% by 2030, and 83% by 2050. Some proponents of the bill, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, were optimistic about the cost of the bill, estimating a cost of approximately $175 per year for a family of four. However, other sources show that the cost could be more than ten times that. 

Understandably, Republicans have been trying to get the cap-and-trdae rule withdrawn since 2014, with 41 GOP senators touting a letter to President emeritus Barrack H. Obama, requesting a nullification of the bill. Floridian Senator Marco Rubio expressed his disapproval of the legislation back in 2010, saying, 

“If cap and trade were imposed on America it would devastate economic growth, it would get rid of jobs, it would be permanently debilitating.”

Californian Republicans recently found themselves split legislatively concerning cap-and-trade. Assemblyman Mark Steinorth, representative of the 40th Assembly District in the California Legislature, expressed full support for keeping the cap-and-trade legislation, stating,

“Revising cap and trade today strikes a balance between lower emissions and saving the jobs of working, middle class families. I am proud to have worked on a plan that is supported wholeheartedly by both business and environmental coalitions.”

Gary Gileno, voice of the California-based Republican YouTube channel Grindal61, recently took a trip with some of his friends to Steinorth’s office to let the senator know that he and some of his fellow Republicans will be voting Steinorth and other “RINOs” out of office in 2018. As Gileno and his companions began to speak with those in the office, the police department was alerted, responding to the call within a couple of minutes. 

A whopping 16 countable police officers made their way into the building to escort Gileno and his Republican companions, who had non-violently visited a Republican office to demand answers about legislative decisions being imposed on them by their representatives. In addition to the 16 officers, a similarly astounding amount of police vehicles (approx. 18) were parked outside of the building with lights blaring. A literal flood of policemen can be seen inside and outside of the office, complete with a police helicopter that circled the area. 

All over Republican citizens visiting a Californian Republican office. 

It is bewildering to know that such a harmless action by a group of Republican Californians can evoke a type of response from the Californian police officials worthy of a terrorist attack. Calls to police departments concerning illegal immigration, active shooter situations, or missing children can take well over ten minutes to see a response, whereas the entirety of the local police force responded with their heaviest artillery in the face of its own non-violent citizens.