VIDEO: Homosexual SJW Calls Russians “Sh*t” On Flight To Moscow, Gets Knocked Out


Sparking an extremely foreseeable series of events, a flamboyantly homosexual young man by the name of “Vitali” began to demand the airline to allow him to smoke onboard the flight to Moscow. Allegedly, after he was denied this request, he stood up from his seat and began to exclaim to the entire cabin, “Russian people are the shittiest. Like, seriously. They’re so shit!”

The young homosexual continued his tantrum before a large Russian man confronted him and punched him square in the jaw, knocking him directly in the wall behind him. It is presumed that the young man, called “Vitali,” is now missing several teeth, and perhaps has had to have his jaw reset.

The LGBT movement and its various affiliates and offshoots have been petitioning the Russian population to lighten up on its treatment of homosexuality and transgenderism for the last decade or so. During the 2014 Winter Olympics, protest and campaigns were constantly promulgated by the LGBT movement concerning the treatment of LGBT individuals in the Russian socio-cultural landscape. This, of course, can be considered to have been sparked by the comments of a certain Russian judge in 2012, which dictated that the “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships” would “undermine the security of Russian society.”

The LGBT movement has continuously petitioned for the socio-political landscape of the Russian Federation and its cultural-religious affiliates to be more accepting and tolerant towards its LGBT population. Yet, the above video dictates that some in the LGBT movement are not willing to provide the same amount of care and grace towards Russians that they demand be granted to them. The video of this young Russian man calling Russians “shit” is proof of the hypocrisy of the progressive left, which demands special treatment from all institutional powers while offering nothing but spite and disdain in return.