The city of Taganrog, located in Rostov Oblast, Russia, has been plagued my mosquitos for three years. After torrential rainfall, a thick army of the bloodsucking insects are notorious for diving into the city, imaginably leaving its residents stuck indoors, or at best, stocking up on copious amounts of insect repellant. 

These occurrences are not infrequent in the Rostov region, and instances of such swarms have been both photographed and caught on camera. On one such occasion, however, an unprecedented amount of mosquitos can be seen in a video captured on Monday. In this captured moment, a Russian man can be seen scooping together an enormous pile of mosquitos, which litter the street and could easily be mistaken as sand or snow. 

Watch the video: 

That amount of mosquitos is insane! This is a phenomenon of biblical proportions, yet this Russian man scoops up these bloodsucking critters like they’re nothing. At first, it seems like he is only scooping together snow or sand, but when the camera zooms it, it’s clear that it is in fact a giant mound of mosquitos. 

The bravery of the Russian man can be commended, as many may be queasy at the mere thought of a handful of insects.