On July 20, 2017, a video was uploaded to YouTube by a content creator by  the name of Taarna Tarakian. The video shows what appears to be a group of violent Muslim refugees tear hijack a delivery van, tear apart its contents, and use it to flatten those in the streets.

In the video, the streets are littered with garbage, and the refugees can be clearly seen rummaging through it, even though it clearly does not belong to them.

The “cultural enrichment” of Europe has clearly failed, and the above video bears witness to this reality. Yet, the Italian government continues to promote a multiculturalist agenda, forcing Italian citizens to hand over their homes and land to refugees and immigrants. What will it take for Europe to open their eyes and revolt, taking back what is rightfully theirs?

According it federal data, the Lombardy region is being hit the hardest in Italy, along with a drastically increased crime rate,  usually for “mafia association, extortion, carrying illegal weapons, fraud, embezzlement to the detriment of the state, and theft.” Multiculturalism is killing Italian nationalism, tearing apart Italian neighborhoods, and predicating an historic crime rate, unparalleled in contemporary history.

The political left, at least those who are far-leaning, are continuously pushing for the abandonment of this form of national identity through rejecting the need of assimilation. Leftist politicians have gone so far to claim that Europeans should “should learn Arabic,” and that the “people should not fear neighborhoods where the vast majority of inhabitants do not speak the native language.” This proposition is atrocious and advocates for the genocide of native European culture, language, and general identity.

A storm can be see brewing in the distance, however, as thousand of anti-refugee posters are plastered across the country by anti-immigration activists. One of these posters read, “Those who flee war, abandoning wives, parents and children along the way, do not deserve respect.” A war between cultures is cultivating in Europe, and it is difficult to say that those favoring refugees will emerge victorious, after all, native Europeans are the majority population in Europe (for now). But many need to be shaken by the shoulders and slapped in the face to come to the sober realization the Europe is in rapid decline, and that action must quickly occur.