Nine News Australia recently provided commentary on a recent controversy brewing in Brisbane, Australia. According to the story, Muslim immigrants in Brisbane, Australia were requesting the expansion of a Muslim school into a “gated community,” complete with a mega-mosque, shopping center, medical center, multi-storied housing, agricultural, and aged care units. This expansion would be instigated by Australian International Islamic Community College, surrounded by an enormous wall, similar to the Mexico-United States barrier proposed by Republican politicians in the last decade. After all, walls keep people out.

Australian citizens who do not share the Islamic faith responded to the proposition with outrage. “I don’t see why we have to have specialties set aside for Muslims,” says one Brisbane resident.

The endeavor would have cost several million dollars, and although several requests such as a wall, residential living, and an aged care unit were denied, Brisbane City Planning has approved the school’s request for new classrooms, student boarding facilities and a preschool childcare center, as well as was a place of worship. Judging from the size of the initial request, however, it is abundantly obvious that Muslim refugees have no desire to assimilate to the culture around them and instead desire to self-segregate.

The reason for Brisbane’s refusal for residential units and an aged care center were due to zoning laws, on top of a petition against the expansion by locals that reached over 2,000 signatures.

Courtesy of ABC News.

At another school in Australia, the Islamic College of Brisbane, a decapitated head of a pig showed up on the doorstep in a swastika-covered bag. Police have labeled this as a hate-crime and have undergone an investigation.

It is unknown if the rotting pig head is connected to anti-Islamic sentiment latent in the minds of native Australian; however, as both the proposal for the expansion of Australian International Islamic Community College occurred shortly before the pig’s head, it is possible that this “hate crime” is linked to the Islamic proposal.