VIDEO: Native Germans Fight Back Against Murderous Knife-Wielding Muslim Refugee


On July 28, 2017, a terrorist attack at a supermarket in Hamburg, Germany was covered on tape by several sources. According to these videos, a Muslim migrant in the European country was wielding a knife (a machete, according to some sources) while native Germans began throwing outdoor furniture at the man, remaining at a distance. Naturally, this act of terror will be shrugged off by the media and the masses as being nothing more than a lonely action instigated by a radicalized Muslim, unaffiliated with the massive quantities of Islamic refugees being bussed into Germany by the millions.

The man stabbed by the refugee was dead before the police arrived at the scene, and the perpetrator has been detained by officials. According to one source, the perpetrator shouted, “Allahu Akbar,” an infamous phrase that indigenous European populations can expect to hear more of as the influx of foreign immigrants continues to gradually increase. After all, German leader Angela Merkel has made it blatantly clear that there will be no “upper limit” on Germany’s intake of foreign minorities, and other German officials praise the gradual, yet comparatively drastic, decline of indigenous European peoples. 

Watch a video of the crime scene below: 

Germany is the most sought-after destination for immigrants and refugees from countries with a Muslim majority population. This has led many refugees to seek only passage from countries such as Greece and France to plant their roots in Germany, and this is likely for the copious amounts of social benefits that Germany pledges to those who integrate. 

The phenomenon occurring in Germany, that is, the massive influx of refugees resulting in the slow but sure replacement of the native German people, is addressed by some nationalists as “white genocide,” a concern that has valid grounding in the conviction of national self-determination. A people ought to have the right to exist as a people, and if one’s own government begins to press against that conviction via the reception of historical amounts of immigrants that will inevitably result in the abolition of the white race, then thorough governmental reform is necessary.

How will Germans respond to this attack, and more broadly, how will Europeans cope or respond to the contemporary refugee crisis? The pendulum is swinging, and more young adults are leaning to the far right compared to the past several generations. A revolution is inbound, rooted in the neo-reactionary mindset spurred by the radical left’s insistence on identity politics (except for whites), Marxist theory, and disdain for anything remotely traditional.