Jack Conte, CEO and Co-founder of Patreon, a crowd-funding website, recently uploaded a live video where Patreon’s headquarters can be seen, as Conte says, “literally on fire.” 

Watch the video on Conte’s Twitter:

Patreon has lately come under fire (pun intended) from its users due to recently banning the famous right wing activist Lauren Southern on the basis that her work could lead to the “loss of life.” In Patreon’s letter to Southern that led to her banning, the company stated: 

“It appears that you are currently raising funds in order to take part in activities that are likely to cause loss of life. We have therefore decided to remove your page from Patreon, and paid out your final balance of $95.00 to you.” 

Lauren Southern, of course, has been a prominent right wing activist for several years and has not posted anything out of the ordinary. The banning of Lauren Southern was a preposterous act on behalf of Patreon that resulted in the backlash of angry right wing supporters. Eventually, Patreon decided to implement an “appeal process” for banned users who feel that the action of their ban was unjust; however, it is unclear if this is intended as an apology to Southern. 

It is amusing to see Patreon ban a prominent conservative activists and then have its headquarters catch on fire no less than two weeks later. If a God exists, one might point to this phenomenon as an act of divine intercession on behalf of Lauren Southern. 

Southern’s account is not the only account to have been banned by Patreon for promoting conservative content. In June, 2017, Former SJW and Christian housewife Clarion Call (aka “Wife with a Purpose”) has also been banned by Patreon for taking pride in her traditional household. As Call attempted to crowd-fund resources to publish a book on raising a traditional, white family, Patreon banned her account on the basis of promoting “hate speech,” inciting outrage on her behalf. 

Other social media outlets such as YouTube and Facebook are also notorious for censoring content that could be considered by some as “hate speech.” Perhaps, if such a violation of free speech continues, progressive social platforms may also meet the same fate as Patreon’s headquarters. The hammer of Hephaestus smashes down upon the anvil of justice, mending that which has been broken by those before us and smelting into ash that which has no place in finished product. The billowing smoke from the divine forge of purgation now seeps into our world, lighting aflame the centers of those who insist that their opinions are greater than reality. 

The natural course of things seems to have aligned itself with the right end of the political spectrum. The message sent by the smoky blackness engulfing Patreon’s headquarters is clear: Turn or burn.