VIDEO: Refugee Pickpockets A Sleeping Italian Resident On A Train


In a video uploaded by a YouTuber by the name of McSimonus, a refugee can be seen attempting to subtly steal from an Italian passenger on a train. At first, he appears to nab for himself some sort of bill that goes unnoticed by the Italian victim. The perpetrator, clearly not from the Italian Republic himself, continues to pickpocket the Italian man for a couple of minutes before he awakens and begins to shout at him. 

Oddly, and grossly to many of the video’s YouTube comments, the refugee is continuously picking at his feet as he is digging in the Italian citizen’s private bag. Even when the Italian man awakens near the 2:00 mark, the refugee opts to hold on to his foot, for some reason. 

The entire situation is bizarre, and definitely alarming to many Italian citizens who do not desire such breaches in personal security within their own borders.

“Ring that beast’s head off like a chicken’s. These savages will never be civilized,” says one YouTube comment. 

“How sickening, plain delinquent, no shame and putting his filthy feet on the seat. So sorry that Europe is being invaded by this type of people 😠,” says another. 

And, of course, there is a multitude of YouTube comments taking this instance of immigration-related crime to hit on “cultural enrichment,” a concept pushed by most European authorities who desire to see the steady decline of indigenous European peoples in the name of multiculturalism

The death of European countries is approaching quickly and will soon be irreversible if anti-globalist movements do not gain more traction in higher socio-political circles. If something does not change, the instance shown in the may soon not be a rare case – it could be relatively common, and it already is in some European areas. Multiculturalism hurts all of those involved, and has been shown to fail in multiple European cases. Yet, despite these failures, the European elites carry on with their leftist social rhetoric and continue to bus in immigrations by the millions.